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May 6, 2012

Jenny asks…

I need to install electric heat in apartments, any suggestions?

There are two one bedroom apartments and one three bedroom apartment. If I put electric heat in the apartments, the tenant pays. I would like to install baseboard or some other electric heat.

Administrator answers:

Baseboard heaters would be fine, but you will need to see if you have spaces to add them in each power panel. If this is a duplex have have someone check if it can carry the extra load. Each one should be 240 volts. There would need to be at least 2 or 3 per apartment.

Carol asks…

How often does Korean apartments stop the water service?

When I visited my fiance’s family apartment, we could not use water a day or two days. How often does Korean apartments stop the water service?
Korea is lack of water?

Administrator answers:

I guess it depends on the apartment building or where you live also but as a general rule almost never except for maintenance if even that. Korea doesn’t lack water. Koreans have always been notorious for being daily bathers. Chinese emissaries from Ming dynasty kept records of how Koreans constantly bathed and Korean court recorded how Chinese emissaries never bathed.

Susan asks…

How can I minimize smells coming into my apartment from neighbors’ apartments?

I live in an apartment. Besides turning off the air/heat or shutting the vents, how can I avoid the smell of food an cigarettes from other people’s apartments coming into mine?

Administrator answers:

Follow John T’s advice, the other answers are all lame.

This is a serious situation that needs to be corrected.

Call the manager and tell them you cannot live with cig smoke in your apt. They can install a mechanism in your vent that will block from the other apts. But like John said, it’s a design flaw that is not proper building specs. Ultimately you can take it up with the building dept. But that can get really nasty so go easy with this approach. Or if you do, have a back up apt to move to!!

Robert asks…

Does anyone know any affordable apartments in Shinjuku or near it?

I am planning to study Japanese in Japan and I am planning to stay there for at least 6 months. I have been trying to look for apartments or spaces for rent where I can live during my stay. I will be with my boyfriend (who is a local). He has a house in Japan but we do not want to impose on his family. Any apartment that is affordable would be fine and we do not care if it is small or not. We just need a place to stay. I was hoping someone who can recommend me an inexpensive place. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

You can’t live in Japan for more than 90 days without a visa.

On apartment, Shinjuku is very expensive area. I don’t think you and your BF can afford it, given the fact that he still lives with his parents, meaning he can’t rent his own apartment right now, even a cheap one.

William asks…

What is the best way to find rental apartments in Honolulu, Hawaii?

I have been looking online for rental apartments in Honolulu, HI and cannot seem to locate websites listing apartments out there. I will be a Graduate student attending Chaminade University in the Fall and was curious about the apartments available in this area around the university. Any suggestions? Students currently renting out there? Thank you for all of your helpful responses.
Please if possible, list specific apartments that I can check out online for photos, pricing, etc. Thanks again.

Administrator answers:

Ah the convenience of the Internet or the old fashion Newspaper – - – neither one works!
The best way to get a good deal is to pound the pavement. YES – - – go on line, find a cheap hotel room (there are a few) for a week, then using that as a base, get out and walk the neighborhood around Chaminade. It truly is a nice neighborhood, mostly flat. You walk, you spot a building you like, you ask around, is there a property manager? Seriously, the people who take my sage advice generally find better deals walking around – - – the old lady watering her lawn, “do you know any places for rent around here,” be persistent, be friendly, turn on the charm.
Do contact Chaminade, there are various student societies and many might have leads as well. There are several community bulletin boards around the campus.

There are also ways to search for building managers on line as well, so if you find a few buildings you like you can search out the property managers or even individual unit owners who might have properties available.
Sadly enough Craigslist ahs become unreliabel and filled with dangerous crack pots.


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