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October 24, 2012

Mandy asks…

looking for cheap apartments in columbia, sc with good neighborhood?

hello looking for some cheap apartments in columbia, sc from cheraw, sc with a good neighborhood. can anyone from south carolina or who lives or lived in columbia, sc help me out?


Administrator answers:

Here’s a list of apartments around Columbia:

Then just cross reference what you find against what people say about it:

Jenny asks…

Any one know about any cheap apartments simi VALLEY near Tapo canyon 96036 ca?

hey we are trying to look for an apartment near our workplace which will actually save almost 5 hours of traveling in a day for me and my husband we are looking for cheap rents rates like $550 to $600/month. I was wondering if Any one knows any thing about it and can help us?

Administrator answers:

Yeah, try Fantasyland Apartments. Tell ‘em Walt sent you.

You should already know by now that the going rate for a 1 BR apartment in a decent area is $1200 per month and up. Emphasis on the UP. And a 2 BR is $1500 and up.

So $600 is just not in the realm of reality. ALL of Simi is nice. No ghetto sections, which is where you’d have to live to get those prices.

Betty asks…

Where can i find cheap apartments?

I’m looking to get a place for 3, however, we can’t afford more than 500ish. Government funding wait is over a year wait… and we need a place fast! Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Never heard of project payday before,but I say it depends on the state u live in how cheep u can rent but hay I agree u should try the payday thing it sounds good.

Sandra asks…

Were do I find Cheap apartments in Lancaster or York county?

I’m sure I could qualify for section 8 or housing assistance, but I don’t want to go that route because I could aways live with my parents, I dont NEED to live on my own, but I’d like to.

Administrator answers:

Try a apartment gudie booklet at your local supermarket

Ken asks…

Where’s a website I can price shop for cheap rental apartments or cheap condos in israel?

As rock bottom cheap as you can get without living in a drug haven or a warzone.

Administrator answers:

To answer you, you will not find a site that offers, rock bottom cheap rentals, you get what you pay for in every country (incl Israel)For good deals you should rent privately and try not using an agent.Remember no matter where you rent in Israel, its not in a warzone.Some areas are sure better then others.There is a good Israeli site for pvt sales/rentals and for other goods, its free as well, but in Hebrew.

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