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November 5, 2012

Daniel asks…

What is it like living in Albany NY? I love NY but can’t afford the city, are there cheap apartments…?

Is there a lot of things for people in their early 20′s to do?
Also any good suburbs or towns near Albany?

Administrator answers:

Albanu apts are definitely cheap compared to nyc–they average around $700-800/month compared to $1800 and up in nyc…you wont get the same energy as manhattan but albany does have some entertainment and nightlife–there are a few big colleges nearby so should be quite a few 20 year olds

Nancy asks…

Where is a good website to find cheap apartments in Tucson AZ?

I need a yard too.. I’ve tried craigslist, but nothing too promising on there.. Needs to be in a decent area that’s not on the south side. I’m hoping for country club & broadway or speedway. I’d rather not live in a complex, but maybe a 4-plex or lone building like that.

Administrator answers:

If you want a yard and a decent neighborhood you will have to pay for that.

If you want cheap you need to forget about the yard and live near the college.

Maria asks…

what are the neighorhoods in Austin that are safe and have cheap apartments?

Once I move there I was hoping on finding temporary housing first before I find out where I want to move to. I want to find out if there’s an apartment that are between 700-750 for a 2 bedroom

Administrator answers:

There are currently 135 places that have 2 bedrooms under $750. Use this site. You can search by rent, bedrooms and amenities. It displays results on a map so you can learn a lot about your options before you move here.


Good luck.

Lisa asks…

Hello, I am a trainee at the joffrey ballet school in new york city, do you know any cheap apartments near by?

the school is located at 434 Avenue of the Americas, I am looking for a cheap place to stay, possibly at walking distance from the school.

Administrator answers:

My friend, if you looking for an affordable place to live in the Big Apple, especially in Manhattan, you will either have to sublet or consider living in the outer boroughs, which are four boroughs outside of Manhattan.

You can still commute to and from the address in question by public transit.

Renting apartment in Manhattan ain’t cheap. The average rent for a studio can reach as high as $1000 per month.

Good luck

Jenny asks…

Are there any cheap apartments in Connecticut that are pet friendly for dogs?

Administrator answers:

Check craigslist, you can sort by “woof”

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