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November 15, 2012

George asks…

Cheap apartments in Winnipeg, Manitoba close to the University of Manitoba?

I am looking for an apartment that is affordable for myself and my mother that is close to the University of Manitoba, where I will be going (preferably within walking distance)…and it has to be an APARTMENT BUILDING, not in someone’s house!

I heard that Winnipeg has lots of affordable places – I am looking for a 2 bedroom for price range…$500 – $800 per month.

Administrator answers:

Check out

Good luck! There’s currently less than 1% vacancy in Winnipeg right now. But you’re right, you should be able to find something nice in a 2 bedroom for around $800

Update: It would be a good idea to start calling and getting your name on 2BR waiting lists.

Betty asks…

Does anyone know of any cheap apartments in Downtown Dallas?

I’m looking for something as far north as i can get without spending more than $600 per month for rent. is that unrealistic?

Administrator answers:

Yes it is. You will find very little for $600 a month. And, by the way, Downtown and “north” are two different areas altogether.

If you really want to go North you might be able to find something in one of the small towns but I doubt it.

Mandy asks…

cheap apartments near camp pendleton marine corps base, ca?

I want to get stationed at camp pendleton. The BAH there for my rank is like 1700 per month. But are there any 1/1 apts near the base ( within 10 miles) that are only 800 – 1k per month?

Administrator answers:

I knew a duplex owner on Broadway in South O’side. He rented 1/1 units for $800 per month, but they were small and right by the train tracks. Good news, they were about a half mile from the beach also. This is a couple years ago, but I bet it’s still doable. Good luck and thank you for your service!

Charles asks…

Do you know of any good but cheap apartments around the centre of Montréal?

short stay 24th to 27th of June for 5?

Administrator answers:

Try Residence Inn Montreal Westmount – they have one and two bedrooms apartments. It is near the “Atwater” subway (métro) line.


Donald asks…

cheap apartments for college student in philly?

i’m thinking about school in philly but i have very little money and am having a hard time finding apartments. I’m just looking for some online right now, any good sites to visit?

Administrator answers:


Here, try this site… You can put in any rent range you want and any extras that you need to have in the apartment in any area that you’re looking at. Don’t pay attention that it says Dallas up top. It’ll go to Philly apartments for you. Good luck finding something.

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