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November 28, 2012

Charles asks…

Good sources to look for cheap apartments/hostels in Tokyo where month to month option is available?

Administrator answers:

Visit Fontana, Nakano-ku-Tokyo.


They deal with lots of monthly (shared) apartment and guesthouse. (no deposit/key-money required)

James asks…

Are apartments fairly cheap in or around Daytona Beach, FL?

I work at Target and have been using them to move around the country, my next stop I want to go to is in Florida and I heard Daytona Beach is pretty fun though I’m curious what how cheap the apartments are there. I’m looking for something around the 500/mo mark.

Administrator answers:

You’ll be lucky to find even a room at that price. But if you do, bring your own weapon of choice. Check Craigslist. The choice gets better starting around $700, but can easily get up to $900. Welcome to Florida, man.

Nancy asks…

Cheap Apartments In Mill Creek Washington?

My friend is looking to get emancipated she wants to get an apartment that she could pay for with an average part time job income, but she needs to to be in Mill Creek so she can finish up school there. Is there such thing?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know how old your friend is, but if she is under 18 that could present a problem. She may want to check into renting just a room or another home sharing arrangement. Here are summary websites with links to various options:,%20wa,%20wa

Steven asks…

Cheap apartments in London areas? What are the rates?

Hi I am working in Mid England, and probably re-locating to London for business. What is the monthly cost for an ok apartment in a safe area? Any suggestions?


Administrator answers:

You can stay in Central London. Here you can find some cheap apartments at £ 1400 per month.

Lisa asks…

What cheap apartments are there in okc?!?! ?

We are looking for decent apartments between 350 and 400 dollars a month around 122nd and Penn to rockwell. 1 bed 1 bath. Please let me know if you know anywhere.

Administrator answers:

According to your needs Meridian Apartments offers 1bhk and 2 bhk apartments, located at Meridian Apartments 4220 NW 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

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