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December 25, 2012

Linda asks…

What is the best state to live in for a Community college, cheap, Great apartments ?

I want to Join the NAVY but im not so sure yet.

I want to go to school for cosmetology and be a hair dresser, I am currently in south Carolina, I am not so sure of which state would be the best to go to?

Administrator answers:

Oklahoma has a great beauty school called Duncan Brothers. It is a very modern fashionable school for latest trends and styles. I have a few friends who are graduating from there and my own hair dresser graduated from there and she is AMAZING! They get paid very well too, especially if they work in a Duncan Brothers salon.

Robert asks…

My girlfriend and I are moving to Portland Oregon. Any tips on what areas are cool and cheap for apartments?

Also, I keep reading posts that say that “Portland’s economy sucks”, but they don’t elaborate. Can I get an explanation as to what this means specifically? High prices? Taxes? Unemployment?

Administrator answers:

Start with the East side, Hawthorne Ave above 22nd St. For apartments. Or the Bybee Ave. District; also around Broadway below 39th; Parkrose above 82nd St. Has lots of big apt houses.

Don’t know about the economy these days.

You might also look into house rentals.

Richard asks…

Is getting an apartment cheaper than living on residence?

For college next year, is getting an apartment cheaper than living on residence?

Administrator answers:

I think it can very much depend on what is included in the amount you are asked to pay. I live in Halls of Residence the whole time I was at uni for several reasons. Although the termly amount was more than the termly amount of room in a shared house that amount included gas, water, electricity and Internet all included in the cost and it was only 10 mins walk from where my classes were, were I worked and a 24hr supper market. With the rented houses I would have to added these bills to the amount of rental and then there would have been night time taxis or bus fares between the house and uni. So it actually worked out cheaper and easier to live in halls.

So I would suggest, once you know for certain which school you will be going to be going to school and then to do some research. The other advantage of halls over houses/apartments is that social aspect in that you are surrounded by soo many people, many of whom like you will be living away from home for the first time.

Nancy asks…

In Boston, can I get an apartment for cheaper than a dorm?

I want to go to Boston U, and the tuition is REALLY pricey by itself, and the dorms are pretty expensive, too. I was wondering if there might be any shoebox apartments cheaper than the dorms. Please be specific!

Administrator answers:

No. Apartments in that area are expensive, even studios. But, your definition of cheap is subjective. Cheap for that area is about $950 – $1200

You may try to use craigslist to find a room share that may be cheaper though

Edit to add links:

Here is a list of apartments on craigslist near BU with no fee. Http:// notice the cheapest price is about $2000

Cheaper apt link ($450-$1000), but most if not all, are for a room only. Http://

Sharing a room in an apartment is cheaper, always. If you move further out, you would need transportation, then parking fees need to be considered, though there is a great transportation system (not including buses)

Sharon asks…

i need an cheap apartment in the west side im 16 going to be 17 in feb?

I’m 16 going to be 17 in Feb and i need an apartment. I need an apartment cheap like 200 to 400 maybe 500. Do you know anywhere that could be?

Administrator answers:

First off, another question has you as 17. What age *are* you?

In any case, to get an apartment on your own you will have to get emancipated from your parents. This is NOT easy. You will have to prove that your parents are unfit and trust me, that is not an easy task. Just saying that you don’t like them and that you’re mean isn’t enough. If you do have a boyfriend and you’re wanting to move out just to be with him, the judges will be even less likely to want to grant emancipation. You’ll have to have a really good argument. A friend of mine had to get emancipated because her living situation was just that bad and it was very hard for her to accomplish this- not all judges wanted to believe her. Be aware though, that getting emancipated means that you will not be on their insurance and you will have to be able to take care of EVERYTHING.

Secondly, if you don’t have your license (as you said in another question), you’ll have to get it. The courts probably won’t emancipate you if you don’t have one, mostly because they will be concerned that you will be unable to provide for yourself without a license. Having someone else take you places is grand, but they’ll be thinking in terms of “if they break up, how will he get around?” Just get a license with your parents’ address on it, then if/when you get emancipated you can change the address.

Thirdly, be VERY careful about apartments. Many won’t want to rent to a teenager, seeing you as a risk they just don’t want to take. They’ll assume that you’ll fill your apartment with noisy and messy parties, as well as being probably unable to pay the rent. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not- it’s what they’ll think. My friend had to go through that herself- she ended up just living with a bunch of different friends because she had trouble finding places that’d take her.

Fourthly, just be careful in general when it comes to your boyfriend. It might be consensual and your parents might approve, but all it takes is one person calling in to get him arrested and put on the sex offender registry. Be careful and don’t be flippant when it comes to the law. Since you are in a homosexual relationship (as said in the other question) you will meet up with a whole lot of ugly and stupid. Be prepared for it when it comes or you’ll end up in a bad situation.

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