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March 29, 2013

Robert asks…

Should we rent a house or go with apartments?

So, my girlfriend, best friend and I are looking to move out. We have looked at a lot of apartments, and found some cheap ones for around 800 for the three of us. I looked a little more and discovered that renting a house is about the same price as apartments..would it be smart to rent out a house? What kind of additional costs would come with renting a house? Would it be better to go with an apartment? Please help. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

A home will give you more privacy, you won’t be sharing thin walls with neighbors, and you will most likely have a backyard, frontyard and a garage or shed for storage… Which is nice. However, when you rent a home, you will almost always be paying for EVERY utility…including water, garbage, and sewer, and homes usually consume more utility dollars than a smaller apartment. An apartment complex almost always pays this. Also rental homes almost never come with a refrigerator, so you will have to buy one of these. You will also have to buy a washer and dryer if the home has hookups…houses usually don’t have coin operated laundry facilities on site like apartments do.

It all depends on your lifestyle and what you are willing to pay for for a little privacy and entertaining.

Steven asks…

Pay rent to someone who owns a house or split rent with roommates in a small apartment?

What’s my best bet? Should I move into a nice old couple’s basement and be independent, or should I split the rent with 3 friends and live in a cheap apartment, but have to depend on others?

Or perhaps I should do something completely different?

Administrator answers:

Make a list of pros and cons. Renting from the old couple, will they be respectful of your privacy? Will you have your own private entrance, kitchen, bathroom, etc? If not, do they have reasonable house rules?

Splitting rent with your friends, do you guys have a strong friendship? How do they handle their finances? Can you trust that rent and utilities will be paid on time? How about work schedules? It’s easier when everyone has the same work schedule so every one pretty much goes to bed around the same time and they are respectful of being quiet when others are sleeping. How about chores? Is everyone clean, will people pick up after themselves?

Good luck in whatever you decide!

Mary asks…

Does anyone know where to buy apartments in Illinois?

Hi, I’m looking for an apartment to buy in Illinois. Does anyone know how much the cheapest apartments sell for? And could you please tell me where to look?

Administrator answers:

You mean you don’t care where in Illinois you buy an apartment? Southern Illinois is very beautiful, clean and the weather is much better than the rest of Illinois. The winters aren’t as severe with cold and snow, etc. (it does snow though, but not as much) – Carbondale Illinois is a university town and buying an apartment there would be a good investment. Google the Southern Illinoisian newspaper and check out the real estate section.

John asks…

What do people have to say about UniLodge student apartments?

I’m heading out to Melbourne and want to know what people think about the UniLodge brand of apartments. Are the apartments well built or cheap? How’s management….do problems actually get fixed?

Administrator answers:

It’s a good student accommodation. The apartment is in a very good location near the train station, tram stops and main city area with restaurants, bars, library, etc. You can choose to live at UniLodge on Flinders Street or UniLodge on Swanston Street. Both are good locations. Swanston Street one is very close to RMIT and closer to Melbourne University by tram.

The accommodation has everything including kitchenware, tv. It’s fully furnished so that’s the best part about it. I recommend the apartment for you to stay. It’s well built.

William asks…

Is 4th and Morris in South Philly a sketchy area?

My boyfriend and I are looking at an apartment on 4th and Morris in South Philly and I’m curious if this is a safe area? We found an amazing apartment for fairly cheap so we’re wondering if it’s the neighborhood? We’re both planning to bike most of the time, but is it safe to walk around? To keep a car in the area without anything happening to it?

Administrator answers:

Uh, I wouldn’t feel entirely comfortable there. Particularly at night. I’d rather be further north and further west. Nearer the Italian Market/Passyunk Square area.

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