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April 9, 2013

Donald asks…

What are the cheapest apartments in terre haute indiana?

My boyfriend and I are moving from our current apartment soon to terre haute. Around Indiana States campus to go to college. I need to know what the cheapest apartments are, because I can’t find any on the Internet. I’ve looked on Craigslist but there isn’t much. Right now we pay $350 a month with utilities paid by landlord. We can not afford any more than that. We have enough for the security deposit. And we only need one bedroom. Thanks

Administrator answers:

350?… I don’t know what you exepct for 350, but listen for gunshots and look for litter on the ground and you’ll be in the right area.

Charles asks…

How much will it cost to get your apartment/house earthquake retrofitted?

I’m looking forward to live in Santa Monica, Is there a guy who can get my apartment retrofitted for a cheap price at least under $1,000. If not, how much do I need to pay? Another thing… How do you guys can get used to sleeping when there’s an earthquake going on in LA?

Administrator answers:


OK, enough already. Stop it.
-Apeartments are already up to code.
-You CAN’T “retrofit” a single apartment. You have to do the whole building. DUH.
-Let me ask you this: How can you get used to sleeping with the threat of tornado, hurricane, tsunami, fatal car accident, or meteor strike? You just deal with the odds and go about your life. Your constant questions are now quite annoying, since they show your irrational fear.

Stay home. Then you won’t have to worry about it. And stop asking these inane questions. Sheesh.

Sandy asks…

How can I make my cheap counter-tops look better?

My apartment has kind of cheap, easily scratchable counter-tops and sinks. The sinks stain easily, and it all kind of feels like plastic. Is there some sort of product I can treat them with that will give them a nicer finish?

Administrator answers:

Use Comet to clean them & window cleaner to make them look bright, shiney & streak free. Decorate your kitchen so that people look at your decor & not the counter tops. I hope this helps!

William asks…

What are the cheapest apartments in Portland, OR metro area?

Im looking to move into my first apartment and need a cheap one to start. One that you dont have to sign a lease and is under $600 a month. I dont care how run down ghetto they are..

Administrator answers:

Web sites might be a good place to find an apartment or house to rent, if you want to go through the entire list to find one in your state and then city.

The best place to look for places to rent is to go to the yellow pages of your telephone book, look under property managers.

These individuals list properties for rent in certain areas, so make sure you select the areas in which you wish to rent.

Call several of the property managers listed there, tell them you want a list of properties that they have for rent. Some will fax, email or mail the list of local places to rent along with the address, number of bedrooms and bath rooms, amenities available, such as washer and dryers or gyms, the monthly rental of the unit. Most will include a rental application. These list will include the monthly rental required, if a lease or month to month agreement will be signed. They will also indicate if they will accept Section 8 vouchers. They will also indicate it they have disabled access, allow pets and if so the type allowed.

They might indicate a web site that you might visit to get their list of places to rent. It does not cost to get a rental list from a reputable property manager.

Some will require you to stop by their office and pick up the list. A lot of them post their list outside so the list are available 24/7 365.

Make sure you don’t fall for the scams and purchase a list as 70%-80% of these list are composed of free list they have compiled. They are not the property managers of any property in most instances.

You might also google Property managers in whatever city or community you want to live in and see what comes up. Again do not pay for this information as it is free from reliable property managers.

You might consider obtaining a crime report from the city in which you would want to reside.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Nancy asks…

How do i get financial aid and loans to pay for an apartment?

While i’m attending a community college
i have one sister who is already in college and i hear you get more financial aid
but i dont want to live in the dorms, i want to live in a really cheap apartment
so how can i get financial aid and loans that will cover my tuition (pretty cheap since its community college) and be able to pay 250 a month for rent?

Administrator answers:

After your tuition is paid with your financial aid package, the school will give you a check and you can use for whatever you want. Be aware that loans must be repaid so the amount seems low now but once you figure in interest it will rise. You should never accept more loans than you are comfortable repaying.
Complete the FAFSA online @

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