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April 13, 2013

Sandy asks…

I want to live in Kentucky, about 15 minutes from a bigger city, but in a cheaper apartment. Any good places?

I would like to know about smaller places near larger places. I am coming from Michigan, so hoping the economy there is a little better. I am going to be just getting out of college, so I will need a pretty cheap apartment but in a nice neighborhood because I am a short blonde girl. Thank you so much for your help!

Administrator answers:

This is long, but I hope some of this helps:

I really enjoy living in Lexington, lived here 16 yrs. My husband who has lived in big cities (Chicago, Milwaukee) likes it too.

Real Estate…Personally I like the SW end of Lex best. Also, lots of folks are also spilling over into surrounding counties.
Northern Jessamine Co. (county seat: Nicholasville) is almost like a Lexington suburb. Woodford Co. Is lovely, lots of horse farms (county seat Versailles [said Ver-Sales...lots of French words in the area aren't pronounced the way you'd think]). Housing is more expensive to buy or rent in Lexington than other areas of KY. Which is why some live in another county, but work and play in Lexington. There are many listings in the area and surrounding counties at

Things to do…
-Lexingtonians love to eat out! You name the kind of food you want and we have it. Many ethnic restaurants are authentic.
-Basketball is a kind of religion in Lex. Just accept that we “bleed blue”…let’s just not talk about this past season
-Two city “nature” parks and the University’s arboretum

-The Kentucky Horse Park (International Equestrian Games will be here in 2010), local horse farms, distillery/farms, and Toyota all offer local tours
-Wonderful state parks near by: Cumberland Falls, one of the only 2 places globally you can see a Moonbow, is 90 mi. South; Natural Bridge 52 mi. SE, great place to hike; Lake Cumberland is 2hr. Drive but nice to house boat on

-Cincinnati, 80 mi. N has an aquarium, zoo, train museum, natural history museum. Louisville, 80 mi. W has Louisville Slugger museum, the Derby (though I lived in KY 36 yrs and never been).
-Lots of movie theaters. Also the local Opera House gets some good Broadway and ballet if you like that. Louisville and Cincinnati also have national touring companies come through
-If you’re a reader, you must check out Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Huge store with a cafe and outdoor patio overlooking a pond with ducks (one nested on the patio 2007), geese, and fish. Nice place to sit and read on a spring or fall day.
-Check out for more info

Shopping: Fayette Mall and Hamburg Place offer many shops. Fayette Mall is one of the largest indor malls in the state. Hamburg Place has retail, professional and residential developments consisting of in-line stores and free-standing restaurants and stores.


Weather…summer tends to be hazy, hot, & humid. Moderate drought this summer. Winter tends to be cold and icy. Big snow is unusual. This spring was colder and wetter than usual.

Carol asks…

Where could I rent an apartment with low rents in NYC?

my parents and i live with my aunt’s families at a very crowded apartment, we just immigraterd to the United States, my parents don’t speak English, they work in Chinatown, they can’t work here outside here, they can’t live far away here, they have low income. I am just a high school students, can’t work and make money. the apartments here are very expensive, we are looking for an apartment, which is cheap, where can I find it.

Administrator answers:

Well, not in New York.

Lisa asks…

Why do expensive apartments have more problems then cheaper apartments?

According to what I’ve seen on, it seems that expensive apartments have more problems with bad management, noisy tenants, crime, and poor build quality. Why is that so? Wouldn’t you think if you paid more a month for an apartment you would get nicer management, friendlier and quieter tenants, less crime and better build quality?

I live in a cheaper apartment complex and the management is great and the tenants are really nice and friendly.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know where you live, but, you are incredibly lucky. I don’t know why people in your area would be willing to pay more for less, but, don’t ever move.

Chris asks…

How do i find a cheap apartment in Santa Monica?

What programs could i use to find a roomate or a cheap loft to sleep in something?

Administrator answers:

“student services” at any college in CALIF.

Daniel asks…

Is there any help for college students to get a cheap apartment in new jersey?

My boyfriend have been together for 4 years and are looking for an apartment. We are 2 college students at a community college and have an income combined at like $1400 a month. Utilities included maybe or not is fine. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Making $1400 between the two of you limits you to a monthly rent of $400 per month.

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