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May 1, 2013

William asks…

What questions do you ask when looking for an apartment?

And what should I avoid when looking for one? I am a college student looking for a fairly cheap apartment with 2 of my friends, and I want to ot get jipped for being too naive and whatnot.

Administrator answers:

Utilities-What are the average utility costs in summer and winter? They can either give this to you or you can call the utility company directly. What utilities are you responsible for? Typically gas/electric and possibly water. What companies service the area (for all utilities including cable, internet).

Parking-on street, off street, is it hard to find a spot

Neighbors-if possible find out what the neighbors are like. The last thing you want is hearing someone blasting music at 2am. Are there “quiet hours” or any ordinances in the city/town that require it to be more quiet after a certain time of night

Are pets allowed? Important even if you don’t currently have pets. With 2 other people, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone will want a cat/dog in the near future.

Maintenance- is it available 24/7? The worst thing is to have your a/c breakdown on a Friday night in the middle of summer. Would you have to wait until Monday?

These are some big things but think about what is important to you personally. Landlords should be more than willing to answer your questions. If they aren’t then don’t rent there. Also take note of how they react to your questions. Although you won’t be seeing the landlord everyday, keep in mind this is the person you will be dealing with for rent, maintenance and any other thing related to the apt.

Good luck!

Maria asks…

Can I find a cheap apartment in Philippines?

I live in Thailand many years. I rent a flat here for $100 a month. Can I find a cheap apartment in Philippines? I am looking for affordable accomodation. I am American and my income is just $600 a month. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Here are some ideas for you to consider.

1) If you want to live in Manila there are some apartments in the PASAY CITY area close to Baclaran, one bedroom will cost you 75 dollars per month. Also they are on the main EDSA ROUTE, so perfect for getting around and close to the rail network too.

If you want to live in a quiet location, then go to any of the Provinces you will always be able to find cheap accommodation outside the main cities, you can have an apartment in Bukidnon for around 2500 peso per month in a quiet place, and in Misiamis Oriental for around 85 to 100 dollars per month, if you are asked to pay more than 4000 peso per month just walk away….. :)

Contact me for more information at anytime…..

Mary asks…

Can someone tell me where i can find an affordable apartment in prattville alabama?

I am really tired of living with my parents. I went away for college for two years, but had to come back home due to some finance issues. I really hated to move back in with all there stupid rules. Can someone please help me find a cheap apartment.

Administrator answers:

Check on and you can also place an ad on there for wanting an apt. Also check to see if there is low income housing that you qualify for and apply it. Best Wishes.

Helen asks…

How expensive is the area around BELLEVUE COMMUNITY COLLEGE?

I wanted to attend this school however I see that Bellevue is the “well to do” area. Does it mean it will be insanely expensive for the college students? How is transportation? If I can’t drive will that be a problem? Are the apartments near by cheap/safe? I would like more info on the neighborhood near this college, thanks.
Coming from Richmnd. VA

Administrator answers:

No , unfortunaly bellvue is a new city that has adopted japan or korea as its adopted country , this city is still being under construction it is beautiful , if you don’t have a car it is going to be bad cause the weather is horrible and no it is definately not cheap or affordable it is between the most expensive neighborhoods in the state good luck ,,

Jenny asks…

Is it too late to cancel my application process on apartment?

I currently put down my application, administration, and cosigning fees (since I don’t make past 3 times the rent).

Now, due to a cheap apartment being available now (since they weren’t when I spoke to them before)….Im thinking about canceling the application process on this current apartment, even though they have me scheduled to move in 2 days from now.

I know the application and administration fee is not refundable, but the lady did tell me that the cosigning fee is refundable.

Is it too late? If not, how should I explain it in a professional way?
I have a move-in statement and payment receipts. I also payed $500 for the cosigning fee (since I didn’t make over 3 times the rent), but she said it’s refundable (I guess before the lease is signed, and after the lease is expired). But I don’t think I signed the lease yet.

Administrator answers:

The $500 is a security deposit. It is not refundable unless you live out the term of the lease and get it back when you leave. I dont know what a move-in statement is except your lease.

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