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May 4, 2013

Susan asks…

Where can i get a small piece of carpet to fix the hole my dog tore in the living room floor?

I live in cheap apartments that have cheap beige carpet. I don’t want to loose my deposit. I just need a like 4″ square piece of carpet to match. I don’t know how she did it but the dog ripped out a 3″ circle of carpet and the padding. And whats the method to use to fool them into thinking the carpet is fine at least untill i get my deposit back.

Administrator answers:

Can you take a section from under furniture so they wouldn’t see it? Otherwise you need a small section to take to a carpet showroom and see if you can get an off-cut of something that matches

Mandy asks…

How much a month for an apartment?

Me and my girlfriend are18 and we would like to move out of our houses and live together. I have some questions before we rent an apartment.
1. If a website says rent from $1,200, does that mean $1,200 a month?
2. Would that include utilities?
3. What websites are good websites to look for cheap apartments in Pembroke Pines, FL?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the apartment on whether or not it includes utilities, most of the time it includes some but not others. That would be something you would have to look up on the website of the apartment you’re looking at, or you could call them and ask them. It may be 1,200 for basic rent, which is pretty high compared to around here in PA, but there may be more utility costs that add up with that.

Donald asks…

What will I need to get an apartment?

I’m 18, just got a credit card, and I’ve been working at a restaurant for 2 weeks. Will I be able to get really cheap apartment?

Administrator answers:

I just signed an 18 month lease with my girlfriend. Were both 18 and we havn’t had any credit or anything. What I understand is that you have to make three times what the rent is, you must have no BAD credit, ghost credit is fine.

So I believe if you work at your job for about 2 more months you should have no problem getting a cheap apartment.

Hope this helps!

Shawn :)

Joseph asks…

What part in Harlem have the cheapest affordable apartments ?

What part in Harlem and what are the apartment prices to get in and the rent prices too ?

Administrator answers:

Cheapest in Harlem is 1325. You need to use a broker

Jenny asks…

Websites where you can buy apartment in Jounieh?

Can you link websites where you can buy apartments in Jounieh. If the apartments are cheap, it’s just a big plus!
Or rent (the cheaper the better)

Administrator answers: it’s the best and the biggest website

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