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May 17, 2013

Betty asks…

I need to find an apartment in a certain area, how do I find out how to find one online?

I googled the address and apartements for rent but they keep leading me to expensive apartments and they shouldnt be that much for around the area that I live in. Do you know any good sources to find good cheap apartments in certain areas?

Administrator answers:

I like Craig’s List

You can also look for rentals with agents on or

Mark asks…

I am moving into an apartment and need cheap furniture. Can anybody tell me where i can look besides ikea?

I need a bedroom set. I saw one for $299 at ikea and want to find maybe a cheaper one also some lamps and coffee table

Administrator answers:


Jenny asks…

Are there any cheap skyscraper apartments in Portland?

Looking to transfer to PSU with a friend, and we really want to live in the city (not the outskirts) and were hoping to find a cheap apartment in a skyscraper, or at least a somewhat city style apartment building.
We really don’t want anything over $900, so it’s okay if it’s a total piece of crap! Just as long as it’s in the city. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Is this Portland, Oregon?

If so, you will be renting a total piece of crap for $900 in the city.

Michael asks…

How hard is it to live in Sweden?

Hello! So I am 18 years old currently living in Canada. I am a UK citizen and want to take advantage of the free university education offered in Sweden, plus my long-distance boyfriend is Swedish. How difficult would it be for an EU citizen that knows only a little bit of Swedish to find a job and an apartment cheap enough to be able to work full-time, while learning Swedish? Any cities/towns that are easier to find work in? Any places I should avoid? What would the average cost of an apartment + utilities and food be for one person for a month?

Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

To be realistic, it’s very hard to find a job in Sweden without knowing Swedish. Once you know Swedish you need to have the experience from before and able to show worthy trust to the employer since you are non-Swedish and don’t have Swedish school background.

All the jobs exists in the bigger cities such as Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. I would avoid Malmö tho, it’s not a city of security and lots of immigrants that speak poor Swedish with mainly middle-eastern background.
Other acceptable towns are Jönköping, Eskilstuna and Uppsala, these are more like “student towns” where majority of the living are young adults who creates a lovely atmosphere. Uppsala is the biggest of those three and has biggest culture influence in Sweden like Oxford back in United Kingdom.

The average cost of an apartment in Sweden is on 980 CAD (Stockholm & Gothenburg not included, due to 18-31 times higher price).
Food for one month would be around 230 CAD, pretty sure you can pull it off by only 150 CAD if you are clever and check the prices really good.

Sandy asks…

Can you cancel a lease before its start date?

I’ve been looking for a place to move for school in Florida. I found a place that had a special ending this week for one bedroom apartments for cheap after this week the prices rises by quite a bit, so I jumped on it. The lease doesn’t start for a bit, but I did sign it and e-mail it to the property manager.

I’ve been doing research on the area, which I should have done before signing the lease, and the neighborhood doesn’t seem to nice. Muggings, armed assaults, burglary, a gang related homicide a few months back.

My question is, legally independent of the leases terms, can I cancel it before the day it starts? If I can’t cancel it before it starts I’ll need to live there for a couple months and pay an extra months rent to get out of it.

Thanks Reenz,
I found this online, can anyone verify if this is true? I signed the lease, but havent gotten a copy signed by the apartment manager.

If the leasee signed the contract PRIOR to the lease begining and then cancelled before moving in, it would depend on what the LL/management company told them PRIOR to them signing it-did they mention that they would not be responsible if they cancel before or did they mention they would be, or was nothing said at all? But then the next question is did the LL sign the lease as well and give a copy to the leasee. If no then they can easily get out of the contract and not have any issues in court (not be held liable), but if yes, then they are responsible for the contract regardless of the effective date (and this is where you are right Austin-Steve). But there are 2 sides to this so if the person didn’t receive a signed copy then no, they are not responsible. So I guess I was half right and half wrong. There is a way out but there is a

Administrator answers:

The lease is a legally binding contract the moment it is signed. I suggest you speak with the landlord and see if you can get out before it starts. The landlord may have others that will take over your lease or sign a new lease.

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