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May 20, 2013

Laura asks…

How much money should two people make per month to afford an apartment?

A friend and I plan to rent an apartment together when we turn 18. The area we’re interested in is a small town so apartments are relatively cheap. Both of us will most likely be working minimum wage jobs. So how much should two people be making per month to pay a $600-800 rent?

Administrator answers:

The tough part (and I mean tough).
Finding a job.
Then…. Finding a job that is full time.
Employers now are only hiring Part Time workers.
It has to do with this Obama Health Care Law thing.

If you both manage to find full time jobs (again hard to do), you’ll do fine.
Even if they are both at minimum wage.

Paul asks…

Cheapest but safe place to stay/hotel in singapore?

I’m a 19 year old girl and i want to experience travelling alone before i go to New York by myself (study purposes). I want to see whether i can handle it or not. So i’m planning to go to Singapore alone, since it’s so close to my country. If you know any hotels/studio apartments that are cheap yet in a safe neighborhood, please let me know. I dont need a 5 star hotel, all i need is a place to sleep ( a room with only bed, tv and bathroom is fine too) preferably with Wireless Internet connection. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Try YMCA at Orchard Road as they are near to many museums and Orchard Road. It’s also near Doby Ghaut MRT station which you can travel easily to all parts of Singapore.

By the way, Singapore is generally safe, but avoid red light area like Geylang, Johore Road.

Lisa asks…

how to travel to NYC and rent a cheap apartment?

I’m moving to NYC from Indianapolis and I have never travelled great distances before. I’m on a budget. I need to know how to book a cheap flight to NYC and how to find a cheap apartment to rent until I can get a job there and make more money.

Administrator answers:

This is a bad plan. First off, you don’t come to one of the most expensive cities in America, unemployed and “on a budget”. You need to get the job first. That means apply for jobs, send out resumes and then arrange a “visit”, not a “move”. Nobody will rent to you if you’re unemployed. Even if you manage to find someone willing to rent you a room, a sublet or a share, it could take several months to find a job, let alone one that will pay you enough to survive here. If you move here as planned, you WILL fail! Do yourself a favor and read this:

Nancy asks…

What is the monthly rent of a local flat or apartment in Morocco?

I’m not talking about a holiday rental, I want something like the locals stay in. Something cheap in other words. It doesn’t matter if its not furnished or its in a bad area. I plan on staying in Morocco for several months.

I’m interested in Essaouira and Marrakesh, either of these places, but really any city would do. Can someone tell me how I can find a cheap local apartment and how much I will be spending? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

In Marrakech and most of the places in Morocco you can rent from 1000 dhs per month if you are not fussy about the location or the area. The cheaper the rent the higher the deposit you may have to pay which can be anything from 10,000 dhs. Most local apartments are unfurnished anyway and the furnished apartments are mostly in the centre with higher monthly rental which can be 5000 dhs per month.

You have to contact the local SAMSAR, really a estate agent who has a good knowledge of the properties available in his locality, to show you the apartments available and the prices. Remember the other costs of utilities like water and electricity which will cost you some 300 dhs a month at minimum.

Donald asks…

How much does a small apartment cost in Lincoln, NE?

I’m looking for a cheap apartment in Lincoln, NE. I’ll be living alone so the apartment can be uber small, i dont care about the size, i just need it to be decent, cheap, and close to the university of nebraska.

Administrator answers:

I live in Lincoln, pay $300/mo. For a studio incl. ALL utilities.

Take a look at the Nebraska daily paper, lots of good info.

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