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June 4, 2012

Mark asks…

what website is best to look for cheap apartments in tampa, florida?

i need a cheap one bedroom one bath or 2 bedroom 2 bath, cheap as in less than 800 and not in the ghetto.

Administrator answers:

I would look at,,, etc.

I also recommend They helped me out when I first moved here. I somewhat knew the area so I knew what I wanted. I am in Carrollwood in a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom and it is $635 a month I am not in the ghetto. Trust me, I was very picky on where I wanted to live. I recommend avoiding Busch Blvd (anything by Busch Gardens) Nebraska Ave, Fletcher by USF (once you pass over 275 it gets a lot nicer) as well as Nebraska.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know of any nice apartments for cheap in Sterling heights?

it could be in sterling heights, clinton township, roseville, madison heights, rochester, or any other place around this area. Either one bedroom or 2 in a decent area. Anyone know of any cheap apartments. and if there are any openings. or phone numbers. Thanx a bunch in advance.
in Michigan that is..

Administrator answers:

I am not from that area, but what I may suggest is checking the local papers in that area, or call a local Real Estate office in the area, they sometimes have their own rentals available.

Here is also some websites that I have heard are helpful.

Either way, good luck to you!

Ken asks…

What are some cheap apartments around Mandeville or Covington, Louisiana?

I am moving there soon, but I am practically broke, and I need a cheap apartment that I can rent for a year or so. PLEASE help!

Administrator answers:

Look in there local newspapers in the classifieds

John asks…

What are some cheap apartments to rent in mexico?

I would like to know.
I know they all can’t be 1,000$ or more.
Give me the names and if you can the url’s for them :)
I mea rent like monthly and live there.

Administrator answers:

Be careful, you might want to consider
security, neighborhood, distance to beach, amenities etc,
before you decide on a price point.
All these and more factor into a price,
cheapest is not always the best

Helen asks…

What are some really cheap apartments in SE Denver?

Im moving there on limited money and need a cheap place to live for now!

Administrator answers:

These is a small town in SE Denver called Glendale that is surrounded by Denver. There are a fair number of budget apartment buildings there. Check CraigsList – Denver for other ideas. SE Denver isn’t the least expensive part of town but there are bargains to be had.

And to answer the previous post, some areas of Aurora are a little rough, but there are many nice areas as well.

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