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May 20, 2013

Charles asks…

How much does it cost to get the cheapest apartment in time square?

I really want to live in time square and u was just wondering how much it would cost to get the cheapest one there. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Around 25 thousand a month.

Michael asks…

what is the cheapest apartment in Saitama,Warabi Japan?

what is the cheapest apartment in Saitama,Warabi Japan that is good for 4 people?

Administrator answers:

“The cheapest” apartment is only for 1 person. Or sometimes, it’s even not enough for 1 person. That’s why it’s cheap.

Mandy asks…

Anyone know where to find some cheap, safe apartments in Lexington, KY?

I’m a young girl trying to find a new apartment in Lexington, but I’m on a rather small budget. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

You can either look in the Lexington Hearld or on Sometimes they will post bulletins around the Lexington area with apartments for rent. There are also some magazines called For Rent. They list apartments in the Lexington area that are for rent. But some places that you can check out are the Winburn Apts. It is on Winburn Drive. Which Winburn Drive is right off of Russell Cave Road. The apartments are only 390 a month. And then you can also check, and other websites on the internet. Hope this helps.

Betty asks…

What are some cheap ways to decorate my apartment?

I’m in college and looking for cheap ways to decorate, especially the walls. They’re plain white and not allowed to paint them bc I rent. Please help with ideas bc it looks too plain here!
Where can I find big sheets of paper that would cover the walls??
And policy at my apartment is you canNOT paint the ways, regardless..

Administrator answers:

Can you hang things on walls?

Get a big canvas or just whatever size you want it to be. Paint it the color that you would paint the walls if you could. Then hang them on the walls. That way the walls are not so plain.

Lizzie asks…

How long does the water take to heat up in a big hot water tank?

I live in an apartment (an old apartment that is very cheap when it comes to maintenance so while I don’t know the size of the water tank, I am pretty sure it isn’t anything fancy). The water has been off all day and was just cut back on. How long should it take for the water to get hot again. It’s 40 degrees outside if it matters

Administrator answers:

We use 80 gallons tanks with gas and they recover pretty quick maybe around 30 minutes from cold start . If left alone and nobody uses water until it recovers .

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