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May 25, 2013

Sharon asks…

My son in college wants to rent an apartment?

My son is a freshman in college and wants to rent an apartment with two of his friends next year off campus. He says it sucks living in a tiny dorm and that apartments are cheaper anyway and have more room. The apartment is 300 a month and 80 for utilities. That is cheaper than the 4500 dorm, but he forgot the dorm includes food. He also said it isn’t normal for sophmores to live in dorms. Im very suspicious though. I believe he only wants an apartment to be able to drink and stuff whenever he wants, also maybe smoke pot and such. What should me and his dad do? It scares me even more know he lives two hours away so we wouldn’t be able to tell if he was doing anything because he would just clean up everything before we ever got there. I want him to be an adult, but we just don’t see him making the right decisions yet on his own. His grades are already not that great, he was put on academic probation because his GPA was like 1.2. So even in a controlled environment of a dorm he still did horrible. He is also in a fraternity that parties a lot. I just want him to focus on school because if he doesn’t get his grades up he’s gonna be kicked out at the end of his spring semester and it seems like he only thinks about living in his own place next year and doing whatever he wants.
He also has a job, but never has money which is why i believe he smokes pot or blows it on stupid things instead of saving it.

Administrator answers:

He is correct that it is normal to move off campus when you’re a sophomore. Dorms really do suck compared to living in an actual adult dwelling. With that said, if you want him to be an adult, the quickest way to make that happen is to treat him like one. Quit bank rolling his dopey lifestyle and make him earn it. Stick him with the whole bill for school if he earns less than a 3.0. His current grades aren’t only “not great”, they’re pathetic and an insult to you and your wife’s sacrifice.

God bless you: you seem a lot like my parents when I was in college. Things had to get real before I got the picture. And you’re looking at someone who was in EXACTLY the same position as your son Freshman year. As painful as it will be for you and your son, in 10 years he thank you for what you did.

Donna asks…

What happens if you work a upper middle class job, go blind and it isn’t job related?

Do you lose everything? Sell the house and go move in with family or get $700-1300 a month SSI and find a cheap apartment somewhere? And it’s not just blind, either. What happens when somebody builds up a life for themselves while healthy, they get a house loan, car loans, buy furniture and so forth and then they get disabled and it’s not on the job so they cant get work disability or workmans comp or sue or anything. What happens?

Administrator answers:

I know I lost everything. It only took me 10 months to get on SSDI of a whopping $700 per month. I had to completely relearn how to live. Luckily I grew up on a farm and could apply the concepts of the farm to a much smaller level. I had to buy a piece of cheap property in the middle of nowhere, put a trailer on it and grow most of my own food just to eat. I earn too much for food stamps or get help with medicaid. Oh, did I mention that $95 per month is taken out of my $700 for Medicare and I still have to pay for part D and have all my copays. I simply have to live off the grid. I can’t afford electricity. My laptop gets charged on my cars battery and I have a USB internet connection that my sister pays for so I can get help if I need it. I am not able for HUD because I own the property I live on though I live in substandard housing. I can sell my land but then I have to live on what they think it is worth and not what I can get for it in a really bad economical time. I was homeless for quite a while. I lost my wife, who left with my kids after my stroke and I couldn’t afford a lawyer so the courts gave custody to my ex even though I proved she was a drug addict.

I know my case is not unique by any means. So the answer to your question is this, Never go blind or get disabled. If you do, your screwed.

Helen asks…

What is a cheap long term hotel in the plano area?

I may get a temp to hire position in the plano area and think that staying in an inexpensive hotel might be my best option rather than moving all my stuff with no promise of permanent placement. I could also look an a cheap furnished apartment.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think there is one in Plano, but there are 2 InTown Suites in Carrollton. Maybe it wouldn’t be too far from your job.

InTown Suites
(972) 323-0904 – 1240 W Trinity Mills Rd, Carrollton, TX

(972) 248-8330 – 2661 Westgrove Dr, Carrollton, TX

InTown Suites is not an Extended Stay Hotel. We are Extended Stay Living! Our guests don’t check-in, they move-in and we offer everything you need to feel at home. For one low weekly rate, you get everything you need. Our locations offer:
Fully Furnished Efficiencies
Complete Kitchens
Free High-speed Internet
Premium TV Lineup
Guest Laundry Facility
Weekly Housekeeping
Included Utilities
Free Local Calls
No Lease Required
Low Weekly Rates starting at $149.99

Joseph asks…

What is the cheapest housing I can get?

I’m a poor student in need of a cheap apartment or room. What is the easiest way to find this?

Administrator answers:

Look on message boards on campus,,, your local news paper. There are many resources to finding a room or apartment. :)

John asks…

How do I move a small apartments worth of stuff cross country, for cheap?

Does anyone know of a cheap moving company? I heard once of a company that moves your stuff with a big rig truck. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Discard things that you do not want or need, rent a truck or van from a-1 rentals and drive it one way yourself. Moving companies are expensive

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