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May 27, 2013

Steven asks…

What are some cheap 1 bedroom apartments in Mooresville North Carolina within 5 miles of NTI?

I’m looking to go to college ant NTI, and If I can, I want to avoid living off campus. I saw one for Carraige Club but they only had one really cheap one, but It wont be there when i set off. Can anybody please help or give me an easy to follow site? Much thanks.

Administrator answers:

Does the college not have lists of suitable accommodation available?

David asks…

I want to buy a house or apartment in Petrozavodsk, Russia.Where do I go on the Internet for listings?

I am wanting to buy property in or near Petrozavodsk, in Karelia Province in the Nth West of Russia. I don’t care if it is a house, bungalow or apartment. Long as it is cheap. Would like to find a Real Estate site that I can contact and search for me or find the property myself. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I would suggest century 21 international. I am from russia, it is the coolest place in the world…

Charles asks…

How to purchase cheap home/apartment in Russia?

Hi, I am immigrating to the Russian Federation permenantly. All paperwork, passports, visa, invitation and employment is settled. My question is how would I go about buying either a home or apartment and preferably something uner 1,000,000,000 USD. All the websites I have been on have been nothing but luxury homes and villas, I just want something big enough for me and a roomate.

Administrator answers:

If you are serious, a billion USD would eassily buy a flat in Moscow. If you want Russia on the cheap, small villages have NICE recently built brick homes for 4,000,000 RUBLES, or so…$130,000. In a city of 110,000 people a 4 room flat is $65,000 or in a small city a 2 room flat can be bought for $10,000 or less. You could live in such a town and never leave as all foodstuff and house cleaning products are available. Entertainment may be by someone with a balalaika or an accordian.
???????????? Is the word for real estate. If you google Samara ????????????, you should find land, houses (??? Is house) ???????? Is “flat” as apartments are “flats” in Russia. So google whatever city looks like where you want to be, and find flats or houses. ?????? Has milder winters…

Carol asks…

Where to find cheap temporary rental apartments in Madrid?

I am travelling to Madrid in a couple of weeks time and will be there for a month.

Im searching online for apartments and maybe even room rentals because Im on a tight budget. Ive found some good options on Craigslist but there are not many in my price range – I need to rent for under EUR500/month.

Where can I find apartment rentals for this price and what are the best neighborhoods to stay in?

Administrator answers:

Try this…

Good Luck to You

James asks…

My company is in Santacruz East. Could you tell me where I could find decent and cheap 1BHK or 2 BHK houses?

I am moving from Hyderabad and I’d like to find an apartment in a reasonably cheap location. Could someone help me out? I believe Malad is an option despite the distance.

Administrator answers:

You may get a decent flat in Santacruz but not Cheaper one. Especially after being in Hyderabad (I personally feel the most economical city in India is Hyderabad).
As you said DISTANCE IS NOT A MATTER then take a room in Navi Mumbai. It is pretty cheap when compared to Mumbai. And there is volvo bus facility from Belapur to Santacruz every 20 to 30mins once which cover Vashi, Sanpada, Nerul, Seawoods, Belapur in Navi Mumbai. So you can choose any of this place. You dont have a direct train to Santacruz from Navi Mumbai. You need to go to Kurla and from there you can take an Auto. Or you need to go to Vadala and take another train to Santacruz.

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