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May 30, 2013

Linda asks…

What cleaner is the best for getting stains out of hardwood floors?

I rented a cheap apartment and there were stains on the floor when I moved in. I have some cleaners, but they don’t work. What’s the best thing to use for getting stains out of wooden floors? Anything?

Administrator answers:

Because you’re renting, live with them. Things like that involve more money than a tenant wants to spend on someone else’s floor.

Helen asks…

How do you find an apartment in a city you don’t live in?

I live in Boston, but I want to move to St. Petersburg, FL although I do not know where I would fid an apartment. I don’t know where to find listings for apartments for a city I don’t live in. I don’t have too much money so I couldn’t afford to buy a house at this time I’m just looking for a cheap apartment, thanks.

Administrator answers:

They have this new fangled thing called the Internet. Try it.

Mark asks…

What is a cheap, safe motel to stay at in Melbourne while looking for a rental apartment?

We are relocating to Melbourne. What is a cheap, safe, comfortable place to stay in Melbourne while we look for a place to rent? Can be out of the city a bit, preferably to the east.

Administrator answers:

It would never be cheap enough to say at any motel, or safe, or not too small. Try the following websites: i have a similar situation and have been doing some research. Hope that helps..


you can post your needs on this web, free of charge.

2) also search at for ‘house-sitting’ – to sit a place for someone free of charge

3) if you stay for 6 months min, you may try this one. $315/week

4) i like hotel clarmont (hotel/motel) at south yarra, right next to the train station, w/ shops, markets, trendy area

5) the last one here:

good luck.

Nancy asks…

Cheap Insulation for an Apartment wall that not too hard to put up or take down down besides draperies?

I live an apartment and cannot put in permanent insulation. My bedroom is on the right on the side of the street and long driveway where many cars pass by. It’s also where people front door is so I get lost of noise. Please help me.

Administrator answers:

Several ideas:
Cloth of any type will deaden sound; the fluffier the better. You could tack up some old comforters. You could use carpet padding. You could find a furniture store or warehouse that throws away styrofoam sheets and use that.

I would go with the carpet padding. If you hang it vertically you could staple it up with a minimum of holes, then cover it with cheap flat sheets for better aesthetic appeal. Walmart sells reasonably priced sheets individually packaged, and you can get the carpet padding from a discount carpet dealer.

I would also recommend getting a white noise machine. My husband used one for years when he worked midnight shift. It really helped deaden the neighborhood noises and allowed him to sleep through lawnmowers, kids , barking dogs, etc. He liked the ocean wave setting. Here’s an example of a noise machine:

Best wishes,
-Lady Di

Ken asks…

what can i do if im getting evicted from my apartment and i have bad credit?

i have tryed to get a cheaper apartment but they said i need 900.00 to get it or a co signer, what do i do?

Administrator answers: for your area and click on housing for a roommate that has a place already. And start taking responsibility for your actions by cleaning up your credit and being mature. You sound like you are on the verge of becoming homeless and how much sympathy do you expect when you no doubt created your own situation? Get a second job if you have to, and remember— the best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. Sorry to sound so harsh and good luck.

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