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June 1, 2013

Richard asks…

Where can I find a cheap but nice apartment in Boston?

I am looking for an apartment in Boston. I am a college student so it can’t be too pricey, but I don’t want a dump. I only need a 1 bedroom. If I can, I would prefer it to be close to South Station so I can take the commuter rail to school.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

South Station is by the waterfront and the financial district. The only nearby residential neighborhood is Chinatown.

You don’t say what your definition of “cheap” is, but I pretty much guarantee that what you want doesn’t exist. You aren’t going to find a nice 1BR apartment in Boston for under $1000.month. You’d barely be able to find a studio or a 1BR “dump” for that, and certainly not one that’s close to downtown.

If you’d need to take the commuter rail to school, you should live in the town where your school is.

Jenny asks…

What is the average cost of living in australia?

I plan to get a working holiday visa and go to australia very soon but I am curious to know what the cost of cheap apartments are and if they would be affordable on a retail or waiter job. The plan is to go to brisbane and live there for a year untill the visa expires. Do they have any diacounted apartments made especially for holiday workers?

Administrator answers:

Its actually the opposite – holiday working visas have to pay more. E.g. In Sydney a 2 bed apartment is around $550-600 a week but for WHV holders they get rented out at $150 a week for 8 people into that apartment!! Highly illegal but its often the only way you will find a place that will accept you. Given you are on a WHV and can only work 6 months in place (and will have a job at the bottom of the totem pole) noone will rent to you – so you have to deal with the shonkers.

Mandy asks…

I am moving to San Francisco because of school. Where is the cheapest apartment rental for a 6 month lease ?

Me and my sister are going to move to San Francisco for college. Where can I find the cheapest apartment rentals for a 6 month lease ?

Administrator answers:

The cheapest rentals that are in a safe neighborhood would probably be in Outer Sunset district. Cheaper than those are not safe for two young girls. Where is the school located ?

Carol asks…

How much would it cost to travel around in Europe for a year?

My husband and I are wanting to save up our money for a year or two, sell most everything we own (and put the important things in storage) and travel around Europe for a year. We’re wanting to stay a few months in each country – thinking maybe Amsterdam, France, Italy, and Germany. Maybe three months in each place. We’re wanting to get a really cheap apartment in each place and try to find jobs while we’re there. So just wondering how much y’all think it would cost total? I know it will be massively expensive. Just a guess off the tops of your heads though?

Administrator answers:

Start with checking also couchsurfing (as a short term possibility thing) also start checking sites such as apartments for rent in London or Berlin or Rome…..still, figure about 1,000 euros per month for something half decent, plus local transport (metro, bus, train cards) plus all the rest of it (food, entertainment etc) at the very least plan 50 euros per day and all together you are about at 30,000 euros for the year (plus, of course, you purchased health insurance before leaving for your trip, so that would be about 40,000 USD for a year, I would say.

Mary asks…

Where is it acceptable to set up a tent when traveling?

I am planning on taking some bare essentials and riding my motorcycle from NY to FL this spring. This will be a 1 way trip, I plan on finding a cheap apartment down there somewhere and any job until I get on my feet. I am of course saving money for the apartment and such so I will have something to get me off my feet. However, I do not want to spend money on hotels/motels on the way down, and would prefer a bit of an adventure rather than the touristy way of traveling. I have no problem riding in the rain, sleeping outside, eating cheap food, and traveling light. I am fully mentally prepared as well as physically able.

The problem I’m facing is I don’t know where acceptable places are to just stop my bike and set up a tent. It seems everything costs money these days, you need reservations, there are long lists of rules and guidelines, etc. I really dislike these things. Where are the best places to just set up a tent for the night?

Administrator answers:

Yeah, good luck on that. There’s so many laws and restrictions on camping around, it’ll make your head swim. Everyone’s concerned about liabilities, bums, vagrants, honestly homeless, or just plain crazy.

There are alternatives. It’s called hobo, or “boondog” camping, and you’ll need to do your research. There are some smaller towns, and villages that offer one or two nights free camping in the city park. Some churches or civic groups allow this on their property. Some farmers will allow a tent down, if you can arrange it. Maybe you have to trade some work for some rest. Barter and good manners always helps.

Call ahead. Go on CL, place an advert about your route and approx. Times, asking if there are folks willing to put up with a Traveler. Then decide if you have the trust and fortitude to do this.

See if you can’t view episodes from that TV show “Then Came Bronson”. Then go watch “Easy Rider”.


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