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June 5, 2013

Richard asks…

What is the best city in Texas to live in without a car, need public transportation?

I am planning on extending my job search to texas. But I want to go without a car and only use public transportation and my bike. I would like to know which city will be most likely to have convenience stores within biking range. Will have cheap apartments. And will also have good public transportation.

Administrator answers:

I’d look at Austin. Because of the number of students there, there are plenty of apartments at reasonable rate and they have a fairly decent metropolitan bus system.

Steven asks…

What do I have to say to convince my hubby to buy a house?

I’ve been married for 8 years, no kids. We’ve rented apartments and townhouses in cheap neighborhoods and I’m tired of it. I want a place that I can decorate with colors and furniture and improve on without the landlord’s rules.

I’ve done the research thats shows in 2 years it’ll cost us the same to rent vs. buy. But my hubby says that I’m being materialistic because I want to own my own place. He says that I should be content with what I have. He doesn’t see owning as an asset, rather, he sees it as only being a debt to the bank. We are in debt (including vehicle loans) for about $30,000. we make well over $70,000 a year, and we’re very capable of paying our bills, but he doesn’t want a mortgage.

Am I missing something? I don’t think it’s wrong/materialistic to want to own. What do I have to do to get him to see the value of owning a home?

Administrator answers:

As a Realtor, I deal with this every day.

One Answerer was right: TAX BREAK. But she didn’t go far enough. Once you start itemizing so you can claim ALL of your mortgage interest as a deduction (which is most of your house payment), you have opened the door to an amazing menu of deductions that weren’t worth the effort before. Go through a Schedule A (get it at and check out all the deductions available.

Also, your house will appreciate in value, unlike any other investments you may have. It represents the largest part of most Americans’ total wealth — and for a reason. You can use the equity in your home to buy other things, or sit quietly on it and have a nest egg. There is no other form of investment that is as secure in the long run as land. There is only so much, you know.

Decorating and such is superficial. You need to understand how owning real estate can make or beak you, financially. Do the research and present it to him.

“It’s just a fact, Ma’am.”

Lizzie asks…

Can I install a dishwasher on the wall opposite a sink? Tear up floorboards and run the tubing across room?

I am renting a cheap apartment from my buddy. The kitchen floor is linoleum over wood floor. I can get a dishwasher for free and am wondering if it is worth running tubing under the floor. If the damage to the floor can be hidden it would be good. I may hire someone to do the install if it doesn’t cost too much. The floor already has some loose floorboards in other rooms, so I’m not TOO concerned with damage. Any ideas?
BTW, the unit is a second floor unit. I can get a dishwasher, fridge and stove for $250. The dishwasher is a freebie. They are all Fridgedaire units. Haven’t seen them in person yet. Is there a limit to how far away the dishwasher can be from the water source?
It seems like the tongue in groove runs one way, and the studs underneath run the opposite way. This is the direction I want to run the tubing. Couldn’t you drill a hold at the start under the sink, and at the end by the dishwasher, and snake the tubing underneath the floor without tearing anything up, just making two holes?

Administrator answers:

Yes, it can be done, but not without major work, holes will have to be in the floor, walls and ceiling of the downstairs apt. You can probably run the water supply exposed in your unit but the drain is a whole other matter, it must have a drain pipe at least one and a half inches in dia, with a trap at the outlet and a vent to the outside.Plus you’ll need electricity and a cabinet to put it in, there’s a reason the dishwasher was free. You will be better off to install it as close to the existing sink as possible, you can redo the entire sink and counter top for less….. By the way, I’m a licensed plumber, I’m the guy you will have to call, and it wont be cheap, minimum one day labor for plumber and helper plus parts, and you will still have to find someone to patch the holes

Donna asks…

How much would you guess a two bedroom apartment in MA cost?

I’m 19, I decided to move out of my house, and my best friend basically got kicked out of his house for not going to college. So we decided to get an apartment together. I just want a cheap, two bedroom apartment.

Administrator answers:

Does MA stand for Massachusetts? Even that covers a good swatch of territory. But the very lowest you can expect is about $600/month. Here is a summary website with links to apartment rentals:

Lisa asks…

Where can I find a cheap room or apartment for my husband & myself in South miami, or just Miami?

My husband & I are looking for an apartment or a room with a private entrance. We are just getting back on our feet and are looking for a room for about $100-125 a week, or an apartment for no more than $525 a month. Utilities included would be a blessing. We prefer something in the South Miami area, but North Miami , or Miami are also acceptable. Thank-you for your help. We sincerly appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

I’m sure there are areas…but just remember….you will get what you pay for in Miami…ie…bad neighborhood, roaches and run down units.

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