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June 6, 2013

Laura asks…

How can I separate a room cheap and easily in my apartment to help keep out sound?

I moved in to an apartment where I have the “office.” It currently has a big opening which the previous renter used a curtain to divide her space from the living room. I was hoping to do something with it that was a little more sound proof. I also don’t want to damage the current structure and install it myself. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

What russell said… Id use two layers of drywall/plasterboard on each side. Will give better soundproofing. Not sure how you can install it without at least some fixings to the current structure.

James asks…

Anyone have good ideas for decorating an apartment or making it more “homey” for cheap?

I’m moving into a 1000 sq ft apartment with white walls and cream carpet. We have sort of ugly (but functional) hand-me-down furniture from the 1970s.

Does anyone have any good ideas for making the apartment cozy or decorating it? Since we are on a very tight budget, anything we could make ourselves or that doesnt require a lot of money would be great. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Paint is cheap and makes a huge difference. If you can paint your apartment I would definitely do that. Go for a warm color maybe taupe or if you’re not afraid of color go bolder. You can make curtains out of bed sheets if you can sew. Also hang them above the windows as high as you can to make it look more dramatic. You can also extend them outside the windows to make them look wider. Accessorize with stuff from tag sales or consignment shops. Good luck!!
Try this website for more ideas:

Maria asks…

What is the best city to live in Madagascar?

Looking for cheap apartments.

Also how is the weather out in Madagascar?
What jobs can a foreigner get out there?
A few choices would be great
thankssssssssss <3

Administrator answers:

A treehouse in the Jungle is the cheapest apartment there. As for weather, it snows a fair bit.

Sharon asks…

How can i get a cheap coffin to sleep in?

old fashioned simplistic. just wooden i could pad it with blankets anyway. hopefully light to get into an apartment or house or something? cheap as i said and no two piece things. like with a separate head? that’s a no. i just want the top in one. so just like an old wooden, basic coffin. hopefully one that won’t rot or whatever or break….without due cause. i plan on taking care of it. i’m looking for a cheap one and i’m nothing with carpentry so advice and websites please! ^__^

Administrator answers:

Here you go —

Lisa asks…

How does a canadian find a place to live in australia in a city close to the great barrier reef?

My husband and I want to live in austraila for a year, and want to know how travelers with a visa, find a fairly cheap apartment. And which city would be ideal close to the great barrier reef? We would hostel it but we’re looking to stay in one place and assume it would be cheaper to find an appartment. Would it? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The only cities that are close to the Barrier Reef are Townsville and Cairns. There are some larger towns such as Mackay.

For a year’s accomodation I suggest you get on to some of the real estate sites. L.J. Hooker, “The Professionals” and Elders are just three of the larger agencies.

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