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June 7, 2013

Lisa asks…

do you know of any cheap apartment buildings in downtown philadelphia?

My partner and I are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in a nice, friendly area in philadelphia (ie: Fairmount, Center City, etc.). Unfortunately we are on a budget and can only afford at max. $1200 although could go higher if utilities and other amentities are included.

Administrator answers:

That shouldn’t be too hard at all actually. Have you looked on craigslist?

Here’s a search limited to $1200:

Fairmount, something older in Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Graduate Hospital area, Brewerytown, etc. Should all be good enough. Check out in here too for general neighborhood questions…


Nancy asks…

How do you get food dye out of carpet?

The carpet is a grey with mixed colors splashes. Not white.

I believe it is cut loop.

Its cheap apartment carpet. But it still needs to come out.

I need to get out Purple which turned pink, green, and blue.

What can I use to get it out?

Administrator answers:

Try some rubbing alcohol/ or vinegar…Good Luck! -=)

Carol asks…

Looking for a cheap apartment in Altus Oklahoma?

Me and my fiancé are looking for a decent but cheap apartment here in Altus. Does anybody know the prices on one bedroom apartments in Altus?

Administrator answers:

Madison Trail Apartments
Altus, OK 73521

1 Bedroom $520
2 Bedrooms $630
3 Bedrooms $695

Sandra asks…

Where does the air come from in apartment air conditioning?

Is it constantly taken from outside or is it circulating the same air over and over until I get CO2 poisoning? It’s cheaper for apartments to reuse the air but is it legal?

Administrator answers:

CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) are two different things, Detectors are sometimes required/provided for the former, as it is poisonous and produced as a byproduct of combustion. The latter is relatively harmless except in very high concentrations.

Daniel asks…

where is the cheapest place to live at in lake county ohio?

I currently live in cuyahoga county, I live in rocky river and its an expensive area to live in and my dad has money problems and he was thinking about moving to lake county ohio. what towns in lake county have cheap apartments?

Administrator answers:

Painesville probably has the cheapest apartments, but you might find relatively cheap apartments closer to Cleveland in Wickliffe and Eastlake.

Also, have you considered Euclid, which likely has some very cheap rentals? The area along Lakeshore actually is pretty nice with Sims Park. Euclid also has a nice library and fairly good city services and parks, and mass transportation options to downtown.

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