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July 2, 2012

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know any cheap apartments in London that would be suitable for a family of 6 to stay?

We are happy to top and tail etc but would like somewhere near a tube station and somewhere decent and clean. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Looking for just a short term rental – of a week.

Administrator answers:

Cheap is relative and cheap for 6 people in central London? You need to give details of your budget otherwise a suggestion for a 6 in one room would be

but its probably about the as 2 triple rooms elsewhere. For truly budget prices your talking hostels such as the generator

Susan asks…

Are there any CHEAP apartments near Cleveland, Ohio that allow you to have medium sized dogs for cheap?

Preferably on the West Side, but not opposed to the East Side.

Administrator answers:

Parma Woods (fomerly parma woods.)

Robert asks…

Where can I find a list of cheap apartments for college students in the Raleigh/Cary NC areas?

I am looking for a 1 bedroom/studio apartment no roommates! The price has to be around $350-$400 I work in retail so I can’t afford anymore than that right now.

Administrator answers:

Your college probably has some listings, sometimes on the bulleton board in the student union. Other sources are the throwaway newspapers that are near campus. Z

Lizzie asks…

How much does it cost to live in Shanghai, China and are there any cheap apartments there?

I’m thinking of moving to Shanghai in 2009 for a year when I graduate high school next year and am wondering about the cost in USA dollars. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Cost of living in shanghai is increasing rapidly, but is still a lot cheaper to than Singapore, Hong Kong or Taipei.
By 2009, 1 USD is still than more than 7 yuan. U can get a decent apartment, 75m2 , within walking distance to metro station for 3500 yuan/month.

Rental of a 2 bedroom apartment, likely to be 7000 yuan per month. Rental exclude utility bills, but these expenses are rather insignificant.

There are many property agents that are very professional, who can get you a place wthin your budget, for a fee of 35% of one month rent.

The key problems is U have to stay away from where other expatriates live, which tend to be very expensive.

Shanghai is much safer than US cities, and she is repaidly developing the metro network, so u can live slight far away from down town area.

Restaurant serving local food is cheap, metro (2- 5 yuan) and bus(2 yuan flat) are mostly new and air-conditioned, but the are extremely croweded. Taxi starts 11 yuan/3 km or 14 yuan after 11pm.

Unless u insist on products of international brands which are dearer that elsewhere, otherwise shanghai has everthing u ever need.

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know of some cheap apartments in NW Washington DC, located near Howard University?

Preferably a three bedroom, I am not trying to exchange price for quality. I am looking for a nice place at an affordable price.

Administrator answers:

No sorry – did you try

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