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May 27, 2012

Mandy asks…

cheapest rates for natural gas in atlanta?

im moving into an apartment in august and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on cheap rates for natural gas…thanks

Administrator answers:

I have a friend who is part of program that helps people save on gas usually it about 10% cheaper. I don’t have gas so I don’t remember the co but my friend’s email is She can tell you.

Michael asks…

Canada To the United States A Good Idea……?

Okay I have a friend we both live in canada we are canadian citizens, rent here is fair I mean you can get a spacios two bedroom for 7 to 800.00 dollars , a condo probably 1200 a month the jobs ok but finding Sucess(Singing,Rapping,Acting) Sucks. She said theres no oppurtunity over here I AGREE and the states Is Cheaper (Atlanta ) or (New York)DISAGREE . Can someone who lives in the states please tell me the disadventage of rent or the space in the apartments and the living cost please . She thinks she knows everytihng I ‘m just looking out for her.

Administrator answers:

It’s not as easy as you think to move here. Of course, we get Canada’s top 10% of physicians, dentists, engineers and architects, but to move here for singing and rapping is going to be tough. We really don’t need them. Moreover, rents in California are high — about $1700 minimum for a two BR/two bath apartment. You also have to file through homeland security and I understand all the paperwork takes about a year. Good luck.

Steven asks…

How can an 18/19 year get a loan for college in her own name?

I am first year freshman undergraduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design of Atlanta where tuition and other costs are extremely expensive. I got accepted my senior year of high school and didn’t receive any scholarship money for my portfolio; however, I still attended my freshman year through a parent plus loan that covers all my costs. The problem is that my mother is only doing this loan for my freshman year and I will have to find some other way to fund my SCAD education for my sophomore year. I want to get a loan in my own name, but I do not know if that’s possible for someone my age and I do not have a job, car, or money for an apartment. And I do not have any credit history. Can someone tell me how to get a loan in my own name and how can I can get money for a cheap car and an apartment in Atlanta. I am definitely willing to work part time while I am at SCAD. I just need help with where to start and is it possible to achieve these goals before August 2011. SCAD has been my dream school and I want to get my degree in animation there more than anything. Please help me!!

Administrator answers:

I was pretty much in the same boat when i started going to Purdue. All you have to do is go to your schools financial aid department and you’ll be able to get Federal loans in your own name. To do this though there are a few things you must do.

You have to make sure you fill out your FAFSA for whatever the aid year is by March 3rd. So if your talking about getting loans for 2011-2012 school year, you must fill out your FAFSA and have it turned in by March 3rd of 2011 to get ANY kind of federal aid, including loans.

So after you do that they will let you know a couple months later how much of each type of loan you can get. There will be Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, which you can read and figure out what the difference is. Then once you get that approval letter you have to do entrance counseling (which is just a small online course that takes a few minutes and makes sure you know what your getting yourself into) then you are ready to go!! I do this every year- i’m a senior at Purdue and i promise you’ll figure out your tuition. Good Luck!!

Linda asks…

Which is better-Sarasota FL or Atlanta , Georgia?

Which is better-Sarasota FL or Atlanta , Georgia regarding the follwing things:

Weather-which is scorching or which is nice
Things to do
Shopping-Are there little plazas/centers of shopping(little shops, restaurants, etc) in addition to malls-are there thrift stores which I love to shop at
Diversity-I want to live in an area that is diverse-I don’t want to live in an area where there is an abundance of one race necessarily
Outdoors areas-are there parks, etc where I can take walks in?
Club scene, nightlife-If I’m an either city, is there a nighlife scene-if there is, is it possible to get away from cuz that’s not really me
Which place is cheaper to get an apartment in?
What’s the vibe like in each city-would I feel intimidated?-I heard somewhere that in Atlanta it’s all about how you look, what you have and that’s not really me so is it really like that there?
Any other qualities you think are important?
Also, if cities NEXT to the cities I’m talking about seem to be what I’m looking for tell me.

Administrator answers:

Overall, I vote for Sarasota:

Weather-Sarasota is less hot in summer, but it doesn’t snow.
Things to do–Atlanta has more to do.
Shopping-Both have some, Atlanta has more.
Diversity-Atlanta is more diverse, but both are somewhat diverse.
Crime-Sarasota has much less crime.
Outdoors areas-Both, but Sarasota has more nearby.
Club scene, nightlife-Sarasota has less.
Which place is cheaper to get an apartment in? I don’t know, sorry. I’ve only visted them both on vacation, not lived there.
What’s the vibe like in each city-would I feel intimidated?-Some parts of Atlanta are pretty scary/intimdating.
Any other qualities you think are important? I think Sarasota would be better overall.

Good luck and I hope I helped you out a little bit. I live in Florida too, but I guess I like it a lot more than the above person! LOL.

George asks…

Castle Hill Bronx New York?

Okay I am 20 years old and in the next year or so I plan on moving to New York. I was thinking Castle Hill. Is it a good area? Cost is definately a huge factor for me, so I want a decent apartment for a cheap price

I read a review online that said that if you look like an outsider, meaning non latino, then you are treated as such. Don’t be mad, I read this online, and I have no idea! Living in a mostly latino area doesn’t bother me at all!! I just don’t want to be treated badly

Safety is my 2nd biggest issue. I want to live alone. Would I be safe walking around?? Like I said, I heard that you are not treated well if you are caucasian. (i am a blonde, 4’11 girl, idk) I am from Atlanta if that makes a difference either.

Please just tell me as much as you know about Castle Hill. Anything!! The more info the better!!! And if you know of a specific apartment complex that is nice, please tell me about it!! Thank you for your help! Please no mean comments. Any advice is appreciated!!!!

Administrator answers:

Well castle hill isn’t the best place in the BX, lol. I live just north of it in morris park and have some friends and family from castle hill I really can’t say that i’ve heard anything really good about it. There is alot of gang activity that kind of stays on the hush. There are gangs and fights everywhere but this is one city in particular that I know there are alot. There are some good parts though and you’re right it is a latino community so you probably would stick out. I’m half puerto rican myself and with the treated different factor, I don’t believe that is necessarily true but it may come off that way. I wouldnt recommend castle hill as a first choice. Morris Park, where I live, is an italian community, and safe. If you’re willing to live outside of BX, Bensonhurst Brooklyn and Astoria Queens are also nice.

Good luck.

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