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November 4, 2012

Paul asks…

Areas in California you recommend for cheap rent?

I currently live in the Los Angeles area and room with 3 other people and we all pay $600. I work on my computer so location doesn’t matter. Don’t want to live with anyone else, the cheaper the better and it could be a bachelor apartment but don’t want to live in a crime ridden area. Any areas outside of LA but within cali you can recommend?
ok, doesn’t have to be in cali..

Administrator answers:

There are many areas especially now, where you can find reasonable rents. If you are willing to have roommates you can get a 3 bedroomhouse in the desert outside of Los Angeles for $1500 to $1800 per month – sometimes less, so if there are 4 of you, you can only pay about $350 per month plus utilities.
If you are willing to move out of state it gets better the farther south and east you go. Some of the cheapest rents are also in Norht Dakota and South Dakota. Michigan is also very inexpensive in some areas. Areas like Missouri and Kansas are really cheap!!!

Chris asks…

Cheapest way to move to a new city(Los Angeles)?

I want to move to LA. Budget is $300 a month but i’m finding it impossible to find an apartment at an affordable price.

Is there a website that can join me with others who have the same budget and want to move to the same location?

This way, I can move in with others and share an apartment or room making it cheaper for everyone.

Anyone have any advice? Thanks
Just wanted to be in a new environment and also a new location for school. And i’m not an aspiring actor. And yes,i have unemployment but I am trying to find a job as a security guard.

Guess this is gonna be tougher than i thought

Administrator answers:

$300? Not going to happen.

Did you ever consider the fact that LA is not the cheapest place in the world?

Coastal California is the MOST COVETED area which means MORE $$$.

Affordability does not exist in Los Angeles. Starting prices begin at around $1000+/mo. And that’s usually for a studio in a somewhat decent area. And those luxurious, modern looking condos you see in the movies and television programs are not common in a typical Los Angeles neighborhood. Common condos/apartments/studios in Los Angeles are old, ghetto-looking buildings, and those do not come cheap at all as mentioned above.

Jobs are also nonexistent at the moment. Although, unemployment rates have dropped, it only went down to 12.1% so good luck finding a job.

Keep in mind you do NEED to buy groceries, hygiene products, clothes, gas, electric, water, insurance, car, etc. And none of that is going to be cheap neither. Also, you’re going to need to save money for doctor visits and need to keep money in case something critical happens to you (you’ll never know!)

Speaking of cars, you NEED a car in order to live in Los Angeles. The roads in Los Angeles are not bicycle friendly and things are not conveniently located, unfortunately. The insurance for the car is not going to be cheap since the rate in Los Angeles are high and the gas prices are going to make you want to move back to your hometown.

Also, keep in mind that there is NO SUCH THING as a “safe” place. You can live in a “safe” place and still have a looney neighbor that decided to get drunk and run over an innocent child playing outside with his car or a guy that has beef with another guy in your neighborhood and decides to pop a glock on his head.

And moving here to be an actor/actress is one sure way of saying, “You’ll either be back home, in pornography, or dead on the streets in a few moths – to a year.” There are literally MILLIONS of people who flock to Los Angeles for that dream and only less than 0.5% actually make it and only a small fraction of the millions that come actually have LOADS of experience.

Mary asks…

What is the price difference from living in Alaska than California?

I currently live in California but I might be moving to Alaska. How much more expensive/cheap is Alaska. For example, here in Los angeles a two bedroom apartment is around $12-1600 per month. How much would it be in Alaska?

Administrator answers:

Here are some websites that have lots of information about living in Alaska, including the cost of living:

State of Alaska website with with lots of information about living in Alaska and links for people who are relocating to Alaska.


Cost of Living Wizard – has a calculator that lets you compare the cost of living in the city you live in and the city you are moving to.


Website of Elise Tomlinson, artist and librarian, who has lived in Alaska since 1999, has answers to FAQs about living in Alaska.


Moving to Alaska: Everything You Need to Know, by Alaska Communication Systems.


Alaska Office of Economic Development – gateway to tons of info on Alaska.

I’ve lived in Alaska for 28 years and love it! Good luck!

James asks…

Very low income housing in Los angeles?

Hi guys,
I just wanted to know if there is any website or place I can go to get into low income housing asap
I’ve tried to apply to many low income apartments but for some reason I never get the really cheap one because those are reserved for the people who applied at the very beginning I am in much need to find a place ASAP since where I live is very horrible And I live in very low quality conditions since that is All my family
Can afford your help would be greatly appreciated thank you for your help :)

Administrator answers:

You have to wait like everyone else. The people getting the units are not less needy then you, they just waited their turn. The wait list will be about 5 years.

Helen asks…

Moving to Los Angeles in 2013!?

Okay, im in the eighth grade. ill be starting high school this coming up new school year. so i have really thought about moving to LA after high school. now i know im young, but im definitely the type to plan everything out, as in where i want to live and stuff like that. also my birthday is coming up in june and ill be fourteen, quickly after that i want to get a job, get a savings account and start saving every dime. im also wanting to attend ucla or usc in psychology, fashion, or nursing..but im not really sure yet. but im not going to move out there by myself, (from tennessee) so my cousin is suppose to come with me. i know it isn’t cheap, so that’s exactly why im saving so it can at least get me there and my stuff there. i want to have my school, job, and apartment lined up for when i get there. and im planning on living at Park La Brea Apartments, which is close to everything! my only fear is that i get there and cant pay my bills or anything, so i definitely want one other person to move with me and my cousin so we can all split the bills (expect the cars). and i mean move two months after high school, ill be finished with HS when im 17 then ill have to wait until june, 18, then move late july….so that’s it. i just need some answers! thanks.

Administrator answers:

Wow, you certainly have everything planned out! What do you want us to answer on? You seem to have it all together, and also when you graduate, make sure you’ll be able to get an income in a decent amount of time. If you need any additional information about the area, I’d be happy to help through email. I live in Huntington Beach

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