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Your Questions About Apartments For Cheap In Los Angeles

December 2, 2012

Sharon asks…

Can a single adult live on $30,000 a year (salary) in the Los Angeles, California area?

I hear the California taxes are crazy here. I would have to buy my own health insurance too, if I can’t find a job that has health coverage.

$30,000 a year?
$33,00 a year?

If I got a 1 bedroom apartment, maybe around $800 a month, (I have no debts)…..just would have to pay: rent, utilities, food (not a, gas, auto insurance and cell phone bill…. oh and health insurance if I can get it cheap enough.

I’m trying so hard to find a job here and I’m really struggling to understand and grasp how darn expensive it is here, now that I’ve already moved here. I am living with friends for the moment. I will appreciate any tips, advice, etc… Thank you

Administrator answers:

Sure you can do it. The best way in LA to get jobs, housing, etc. Is through people you know. It’s all word of mouth. For housing, you can try up-and-coming or less desirable neighborhoods, studio apartments or guest houses, or getting roommates. For entertainment, there are lots of cheap or free options including happy hours, discount movies, free shows, etc.

But it won’t be fun to live on the cheaps long-term. Try to figure out how you’re going to make more money in the long run!!

Betty asks…

Where is the cheapest area CLOSET to Santa Monica, CA. to rent an apartment ?

I was offered a job in Santa Monica. Around $16 per hour. Full time. So, I guess thats about 32k a year. What area of Los angeles is a stress-free driving distance from there? Where I can find an apartment for cheap? By cheap I mean $800 a month. lol. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Nothing; offer to become a college student’s roommote

[born there]

John asks…

Are there any apartments in Los Angeles or New York (Brooklyn) for 400-600 dollars?

I need nice cheap apartments.

Administrator answers:

I live in Los Angeles – apartments run from about 600 to 800 for a studio (one room and kitchen) to live in even a semi decent and safe neighborhood.

You can get a one bedroom in an okay neighborhood from anywhere from 750 on up…….

But Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are vast so it really depends on what part of L.A. You want to live

It’s really expensive these days -

Mary asks…

is $1000 or $2000 too much for an apartment in los los angeles CA?

can u let me know how much you should spend on a apartment if your looking for an cheap apartment

Administrator answers:

That’s the average minimum in a fairly good area. A small studio apartment starts in the $1000 range. A two bdrm apartment in the $1300 range, etc. Anything near a beach or that has a “view” will be considered prime real estate, and command an outragoius price. Anything lower than $1000 is NOT worth looking at.

Most landlords will require first, last, and security ot move in, and usually will require a 1 year lease. Many check referrences, so if you don’t have a full time job, or verifiable last address they won’t risk renting to you.

Fortunately I still live with mom & dad. If I lived on my own I’d expect to pay around $1300 a month.

Maria asks…

Cheap apartments in LA?

I’m a high school graduate who would like to move to Los Angeles area to attend a recording arts school. I plan to work full time. Also, the school does not have on-campus housing. So, what I need to know is: how hard is it for a high school graduate to get a job in the Los Angeles area? And, where would I find the cheapest apartments (short of living in a slum)?

Administrator answers:

The “Los Angeles Area” covers 4,850 square miles. That’s thousands of apartment buildings.

If you don’t want to live in a slum, then you won’t be finding the “cheapest” apartments. Used to be you could find great deals a few miles into Santa Monica, Los Feliz, West Hollywood, and Silverlake. In the last 10-15 years, that has changed dramatically. Now, the cheapest places are all pretty much in the ghettos or 45-90 minutes outside LA proper.

Finding a job in LA isn’t that hard if you don’t mind bussing tables, working at retail shops, or doing some other kind of low end work. Can’t promise full-time work, but you sure can try.

Narrow down where you plan on going to school and how far you are willing to commute. Then, you may want to post over in the Los Angeles travel section to get more specific ideas. Until then, these links may help

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