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Your Questions About Apartments For Cheap In Los Angeles

April 10, 2013

Mark asks…

Where can I find cheap places to live in Los Angeles, California?

I need a place to live in L.A. that’s close to the city, not to far away, but that is not to expensive. Not a run down place with no running water, but not a fancy resort like place either. Like a middle class, 2 bedroom apartment that cost around 650- 700 dollars in rent per month. Does anyone know of any places like this? :)

Administrator answers:

You can’t even find that in South Central or 90% of California, in general!

I suggest that you move to Los Angeles once you obtain some kind of degree.

Daniel asks…

I want to move to los angeles when i get out of highschool What do I need to Know!!?

im a really passion actor and im planning on moving out to los angles after i graduate high school. I have someone thats coming with me. I need to know the weather, cheap apartments and how much money I need to save up etc..
Thanx alot guys!!

Administrator answers:

Save up as much as you can los angeles is not that cheap. It will be hard but actually a teacher I know says all the acting jobs are in D.C right now.

Paul asks…

what is best and cheapest transporation to get from cincinnati to la?

this coming year i want to be able to move la to start my acting career. so I would like some information.

Administrator answers:

Agreed. Find a good airfare sale. In many cases, it’s cheaper than bus, car, or train. BUT:

Most people who ask this question are unprepared, unrealistic, with no money, no experience, no skills, (no visa), and no plan.

If you are outside the United States, you will need a visa. The nice folks in the immigration forum can help you with that.

Next, you need a plan: First item on the agenda is rent. A decent 1BR apartment in LA currently goes for $1200, give or take. Nicer areas and areas closer to the beach are much higher. Don’t expect to move to Santa Monica and get an apartment on the beach for that much. Or Toluca Lake, or Beverly Hills.

Next, you will need a car. Los Angeles is VERY spread out, and train service is extremely limited. If you don’t have a car, you will have to take a bus, which takes 3 times longer to get anywhere than a car.

All told, it generally takes about $3,000 per month to live here. If you don’t have a job that pays that much or skills that can get you that kind of job, stay where you are. If you are unskilled and work for minimum wage (or for tips like bartending or waiting tables), you’ll only make about $1200 per month.

And speaking of jobs, they are rather hard to come by now. College grads seeking employment are having a very tough time of it right now, since the job market is flooded with experienced people who were laid off. Unemployment is over 12% right now. Not exactly the kind of job market you want to move into.

Finally, you will need money. Landlords want first month’s rent and a security deposit up front. You’ll need money for food, transportation, utilities, etc. The consensus in this forum is that you need about $7500 to start out.

So there’s your plan. And please don’t tell us that you have dreams of being an actor or singer. That sets off another alarm. We already have a million (literally) wannabe actors in this town. Don’t even get me started.

Mary asks…

Is san Gabriel a good place to live ?

I am going to start work in San Gabriel. Does anyone know of any good places to live around there? I haven’t heard much about it, although i’ve looked up statistics on the place. Are other places in Los angeles better for living? I’m looking for relatively cheaper places to live around there.

Administrator answers:

Pasadena and Sierra Madre (Highly recommend both cities….lived in Pasadena & Sierra Madre for 30 years before moving to Florida). Also check out South Pasadena. All of these cities are 10-15 minutes (on surface street) to San Gabriel. Consider Pasadena as there are many apartments available in that area (i.e.: South of Colorado Blvd., between Rosemead Blvd. & Los Robles. Sierra Madre is a gem of a city, very Americana and includes a great small town “Fourth of July Parade”. Other great cities are South Pasadena & Arcadia. There are alot of apts. Available in these communities. San Gabriel is diverse, however it has become a predominately Asian community, surrounded with many Asian businesses and restaurants.

From a law enforcement perspective, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, Pasadena & Arcadia are very very good communities to live in. San Gabriel is good too. However, I’d recommend the first three in that order.

Sierra Madre’s rents are a little better. There are many along Sierra Madre Blvd. And you may find a good one there. Hope this info helps you.

Ken asks…

Does anyone know any furnished temporary apartments in Los Angeles like Oakwood but cheaper?

And please don’t say research it..
If you know any websites list away thanks.

Administrator answers:

There is a website called Furnished Apartments – Los Angeles.
I don’t know how much they charge.


I know Oakwood is expensive (I work in HR and have used them for employee relocations before).
Oakwood also supplies apartments without the Oakwood name on them. You might contact them to see if they can work within your budget.

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