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Your Questions About Apartments For Cheap In Los Angeles

May 30, 2012

Daniel asks…

Is it cheaper to get a house then an apartment in los angeles?

I’m moving to LA soon with my best friend and I need to know if I should get a house or an apartment. I want whatever might be cheaper. The house would need to have 2 bedrooms and so would the apartment. We are gonna split the payments so it’s fair. Please help me I need to figure it out so I can save money for it…….

Administrator answers:

Renting, get an apartment. Buying, get a house. Despite what obviousman says, in a new place, I would not recommend buying until you know the lay of the land.

Remember with a house you have other added expenses like yard maintenance and trash collection on top.

Also, here’s my all-time primary advice to someone coming to LA: find a job first, then LIVE NEAR WORK! Gas is so costly that you need to cut down on your commute, and you will need a car in LA almost certainly.

Ken asks…

Where in Los Angeles can i get cheap and nice Sofas?

I got my new apartment and im looking for new sofas!!but i dont want expensive here a factory were they sell cheaper sofas at?

Administrator answers:

Living Spaces has just got a good deal.
It has 14 pieces ( including 2 sofas, lamps, tables, etc )
of furniture for $1,000.

Here is the site.
Living Spaces

or check out also

Big Lots

have fun shopping

Carol asks…

I am looking for a 1 bedroom or large studio in West Los Angeles or near. Under $1100…. help?

I am looking for a spacey, but cheap apartment in west Los Angeles. I need something that is in reasonable driving distance to Santa Monica, where I don’t have to bother with highways. I can only afford $800-$1100 a month depending on what utilities are paid. I am looking for something with a move in special where I can move in for nothing down or a very small amount. If anyone knows where I could look or has websites or phone numbers, please let me know! Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Try these:

George asks…

Apartments near Los Angeles?

Me and one other friend are looking for an apartment near Los Feliz, or really anything south of the Valley. Looking for something “cheapin LA terms, and in a descent area. Doesn’t have to be Beverley Hills, but I don’t want to live in a ghetto either.

I go to Santa Monica often as well as West Hollywood…so something around those areas. We are paying $1,150 a month for a studio in Burbank, I know we can do better. I’m new to the area so your recommendations are appreciated. I would prefer a one bedroom at least…2 people in a studio is a little cramped.

Administrator answers:


I have a friend that just moved out to San Diego from where i’m from, Virginia Beach. They used the website, its FREE. It had alot of helpful info including: price range, layout options/furnishings, photos, all contact info, ammenities included, etc.Under the search, you can also select what type of an apartment you desire ( so you can select studio apt. Only) It will help save you some time and money, especially if your looking at somewhere not within a convienent drive from where you currently reside. I would check it out, i’ll post the link down in the source below.
Good Luck


Mandy asks…

How to find a room or studio apartment in Los Angeles?

I am wanting to find a web site or a place that I can go to find a cheap decent living quarters. Please dont say because I am not going to have to pay for a web site that offers nothing that I want. Does anyone have any good ideas?? Also I am looking for month to month…..

Administrator answers:

Either check the classified section of the LA paper or Craigs List.

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