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Your Questions About Apartments For Cheap In Los Angeles

July 11, 2012

Donald asks…

I am a student looking to transfer to a Los Angeles college, where can I live for cheap with 2 other roomates?

We are looking for our own apartment. Just the three or four of us. We are not interested in rooms in a house.

Administrator answers:

Can you look for this kind of arrangement on MySpace?

Mark asks…

how much are 2 bedroom apartments in los angeles california?

i am saving to move from nebraska to california, i have done a ton of internet research but always get varied results…im hoping to find out from an actual california resident or someone who has lived there and knows! im trying to stay in a fairly safe neighborhood! im hoping its possible to find two bedroom apt? in good neighb. for ideal=$600-750 and def. below 900- also how much do other bills run etc if you try to stay cheap

Administrator answers:

First of all, remember you’re moving to Los Angeles, the second biggest city in USA and one of the main international, global cities known for fashion & fame. LA is the movie industry in the world so know that living out here is expensive. It won’t be easy. You can do it with perseverance and hard work. Anything below 900 will be in Compton/South central LA in the gang infested neighborhoods. It will cost you $1500-2000 per month or more for a 2 bedroom. Would you consider a studio or one bedroom? I recommend find a realtor or find housing through college websites such as USC or UCLA. Find temporary housing for a few months then look around once you get here and secure a job. Good luck. If you really want to do this, be prepared and remember the sacrifice & dedication it will take. Most don’t make it Los Angeles. It’s a tough town. If you make it, it’d worth the risk, sacrifice! Good luck!

Ken asks…

where is a good (relativly cheap, clean, ect.) place in the los angeles area to rent a studio apartment?

ill be moving to the city for school, audio engineering to be exact and i need a place to stay, hopefully somewhere where there are other artists the musicians and such.

Administrator answers:

SVS is right – it depends on where your school is.

Understand that LA is VERY SPREAD OUT. In New York City – it doesn’t make that much of a difference where you live – Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn – subways will just get you there etc.

In LA not so — You are driving and traffic is a b.i.t.c.h.!

Maria asks…

Is it cheaper to go to college in Los Angeles or Miami?

I want to go to college either at UCLA or Umiami, I currently live in Tampa, but apartments seems cheaper in LA than Miami. Which city is less expensive for a student to live?

Administrator answers:

UCLA is a public school, which means that a non-California resident, like yourself, will be paying double the cost of the normal tuition cost. For example, I would play $30,000 to go to UCLA, since I live in California. However, you’ll be paying close to $60,000 a year.

In regards to the housing situation, UCLA is located in Westwood, an affluent and rich city. In fact, it’s right next to Beverly Hills and Bel Air. Therefore, the apartments are very expensive in the UCLA area.

Since you live in Florida, stick to U of Miami.

Donna asks…

Is it possible to get a one bedroom and one bathroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA for 400 a month?

I just saw that in craigslist. I did not know that housing was so cheap in L.A.

Administrator answers:

No, unless you’re back in the early 1980′s. That must be an April’s Fool joke or a scam. There is a reason that LA area apartments start at around $900 for a studio and $1200 for a one bedroom, those are about the amounts of Section 8 vouchers, welfare housing help for the poorest, neediest, people. The amounts are what the government has decided is appropriate for LA rent at the low end. (The Section 8 waitlist got so long, years for many, that it’s been closed to new applicants.) So of course the landlords will want to get the maximum amount they can, the full voucher amount, (most of it is paid by the government), and the poorest people live in the roughest areas of LA, so the nicer areas will generally have higher rent. That’s the way the market works.

Sometimes you can find decent rentals in ok areas for about $100 or so less a month, but the good deals may be to bring in a lot of applicants, so landlords can rent to the most qualified applicants with the best credit and rental history.

So think about $800 for a low end studio, $900+ in Hollywood, $1000+ on the Westside. Sometimes you can find a bachelor or studio for $700 on the south end of East Hollywood near LACC, or in Koreatown, which can be kinda rough neighborhoods.

Good luck!

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