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May 8, 2012

John asks…

where to find movers for moving in same community in NJ?

Hi I’m planning to move from One apartment to another apartment in same community in lawrenceville,NJ please let me know how to find the cheaper moving company for this purpose.

Administrator answers:

Google it. There is a lot of information on browsers.

Betty asks…

What is considered cheap, regular, and expensive for monthly rent fees for a two-bedroom apartment?

Specifically in NJ?

Administrator answers:

New Jersey…cheap, $999, regular about $1400-$1900, expensive, $3000 and up.

Mark asks…

How to find house cleaning maids in fair lawn,nj?

Since my son was born and full time job is killy my whole time. Iam looking for a cheap and trustworthy maid, Can you give me any tips on how or where to find good maids who can do the laundry,dishes,clean kitcehn,bedroom, closet, bathroom in a 1000sq feet apartment.

Administrator answers:

Why not try the shopper newspapers. The ones they delivery to your house.

David asks…

where is the cheapest spot in NJ near Manhattan to Get a studio apartment …. under 800?

ive found ones for 600 but didnt belive them
Not in Jersey City I was raised around there and it can be expensive as well

Administrator answers:

Passaic, Paterson, Elizabeth, Bloomfield, the Oranges…they are all a little ‘ghetto’, so if your afraid…those are not the places for you…lol

Personally, i would try Garfield or Lodi, it’s like…a step up from the others..i know you can definitely get a 1 br for 700$ at Cedar Wright Gardens in Lodi…I’ve been looking around myself.

For $800-$850 you could prob. Get a small studio in Rutherford, or Lyndhurst (closer to NYC than the others!).

All areas have public transportation very close by to NYC. You’re prob. Not going to find anything cheaper closer than these!

Best of luck to you!

Go to and browse the classifieds for apartments to find some more…

I’ll tell you this…it won’t be easy! Rent is high around here!!!

Lisa asks…

I want to move to Georgia, From Newark NJ?

Hi, I lived in Newark NJ all My life. I’m 28 years old, don’t no how to drive and moving by myself. The rent is to high here and can’t take living with mom anymore. I’m looking for a apartment to rent at a cheap price. Please do anyone no a good part of Georgia I can move to that have a grocery store and clothing stores that’s walking or bus distance.

Can someone please help me with that cause I’m looking to move in FEb, 2011

Administrator answers:

You don’t KNOW how to drive? Why not? It’s time you were an adult. Without knowing where in GA it’s hard to give any advice, but I’d start with a drivers license.

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