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October 20, 2012

Richard asks…

Is Pittsburgh a good place to raise a child?

I currently live in nyc but apartments are to high and i have friends that live in Pittsburgh near city/downtown, they told me to move out there that apartments are cheap. None of them have kids so they don’t know how things will go with living out there with a child. I don’t have a car and know things are far like if i want to put him in preschool. If i make a big amount of money will i have to pay for him to go to school and if i don’t are the school out there good. I want to live close to downtown/city near zip code 15212

Administrator answers:


Linda asks…

where can I find really nice paintings for cheap on the web or any NYC stores??

I’m looking to give my apartment an umph from the dullness in my home. I have apricot yellow walls in the living room with apricot red in dining room and I can’t seem to find really good cheap artwork. my price range max $60.. I’m a bargain shopper and on a budget please, please help!!

Administrator answers:

Ebay , amazon or craiglist ………..

Cheers !


Sharon asks…

What are some economically friendly things to do in NYC with the girl I am dating?

I am not cheap. Money is just “tight” right now. I am looking for fun stuff to do in NYC. Normally I would have done picnics and walking tours, but I am skeptical with being rained or chilled out. I just met this girl so in-apartment ideas (dvds/baking/board gaming) are not an option yet…

Administrator answers:

Get a copy of TimeOut; there’s tons of stuff to do on the cheap.

Whenever I visit NYC I always get a copy, and it’s an outstanding resource.

Susan asks…

How can i get started investing in real estate (small homes) if i live in NYC? i don’t want to drive all….?

i found some really cheap properties in Indiana, Mississippi, etc. they are all cash flow properties which is what i am looking for, but i live and work in NYC; i can’t afford to invest in these five million dollars apartments, i only have around 30K to invest, how can i invest in real estate around New York if i want to buy cash flow real estate? without spending millions of dollars…

Administrator answers:

Oh ho its very simple . I have a great solution . You can try Real Estate Manhattan for more info about your problem plz visit … Http://

Nancy asks…

How can I move to NYC?

My dream is to someday move to NYC to live and work, and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice that would make this process more smooth. Where are the cheaper places to look for an apartment (that are still in the one of the five boroughs)? What kind of job could I get when I first get there? Any advice would be great.


Administrator answers:

I have a much better reccomendation.

-Live in a highrise
-Find Junky neighbors
-Find a landlord who’s drunk 24/7 and is never around
-Buy a gun
-Shoot yourself in the foot
-Torch your car
-Buy a lock
-Hate your neighbors
-Lock your dog up
-Go to the local dump 20 minutes a day and breath in garbage
-Take trash back and dump it all over your street
-Call a taxi
-Curse at the taxi driver for almost hitting you
-Throw out your wallet
-Grow a beard
-Dye it gray
-Move to a sewer drain
-Carry a shanking weapon
-Get an aviator’s hat
-If anyone walks past you, wave the shank at them and mumble in Russian.

There ya go, you’ll be a New Yorker in no time…and you wouldn’t even have to move there!

Just kidding, NYC is an awesome place to live. Just do it. Apply for jobs and look for an apartment. Once you land a job, move. Thats it, don;t keep putting it off.

Good Luck!

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