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November 2, 2012

Donna asks…

Is it hard for college students to find decent housing in NYC or Long Island?

I want to go to school there and I dont want to pay an arm and a leg to live in on campus. Is it cheaper to live on campus versus living in an apartment? Ive heard how pricey apartments can be there.

Administrator answers:

It really depends on the individual school and the location. I live in NYC and grew up on Long Island. Nothing decent is cheap but it can be found. School sponsored housing can be pricey but it reduces costs in other ways such as commuting to the school (gas money or bus/subway fares). If you go to school in Manhattan you will probably find cheaper housing in one of the other boroughs (Brooklyn/Queens/Staten Island/Bronx) but you will have to figure in travel time as well as previously mentioned the cost of commuting. Long Island has some major issues with public transportation so you would really need a car if you are going to live off campus and with that comes not only the gas but insurance, maintenance (breaks, oil changes etc.), etc. These should all be factors when considering housing.

I work for a college and in my experience (both working for a school and going to college as well as talking to other college recruiters and friends) most if not all schools have a housing office to support students. They can let you know the costs involved in staying in school sponsored housing as well as resources they have for housing opportunities off campus. Looking at those listings can give you an idea of the costs involved in staying off campus in the area. Also see if they have a listing of students looking to share apartments off campus. You can interview each other and see if maybe you can find a situation where you share a living space as well as the cost of rent.

Good luck.

Robert asks…

I want to move to New York City when I turn 18!?

Ok, so I’m a teenager and I really want to move to NYC when I graduate high school. I want to become a fashion journalist or some other aspect of writing or fashion. However, I have a few questions about life in NYC and other things. If you can answer all of them then thanks in advance, and if you can only answer a few then that’s great too!
Here’s my list of questions:
1. I live in a small town so im not really acustomed to living in a large city (like NYC) but i really love them! What is it like living there?
2. What kinds of things can you do? (entertainment, etc.)
3. How much would a cheap apartment be?
4. What’s the best college? What kind of GPA do you need to get into it?
5. I would be living alone so which city in new york city is the safest/friendliest for college students?
6. Is it difficult to enter the fashion business? (I’ve heard a lot of people want to be in fashion)
7. Any other tips/advice?

Thanks so much if you can help!

Administrator answers:

The problem is… Now that everyone is going back to school for nursing because it’s an in-demand job, it will lose it’s demand because the supply of workers will be greater than the number of positions. This WILL happen, as with anything else, even if there is a shortage at the moment.

Do what you want, but always be realistic. It is very difficult to do anything. It is even more difficult than normal for industries such as fashion, partially because of the reason mentioned above — so many people want to do it, and there are only so many jobs available. However, the thing that makes industries such as fashion (or music, film, etc.) even more competitive, all of the rules are VERY abstract. You can’t get a degree and expect to be qualified. You can’t be from one place and expect to get a job in another place because you have experience. Relationships are key.

Linda asks…

What type of lifestyle will I be able to live? Please give me lots of info and advice!!?

Please read everything first!!! I am going to become a pharmacist and make about 100-140k a year. I am going to live in NYC and I plan to move upstate to NY. I really want to buy a big house in West Chester or Long Island NY for my future family. The thing is that houses there usually cost 700k-1 million dollars. I also want to live a nice life for my family while saving money for a house. Probably buying a cheap apartment would be good and moving when my oldest child turns about 5. I am going to be 23 when I become a pharmacist. About how many years do you think it should take me to get one of these dream houses for my family? I really would buy an apartment rather than get a small house. We already live in a 1 family house with my parents so I really don’t think i should buy a small house since I already lived in a good house when I was younger. I would rather wait and then buy a house. How many years do you think it should take? Please give me lots of information and advice! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You are right on track with this attitude and laser-targetted to accomplish all you’ve set as your goals.

I am unable to give you any definite figures because I am not a pharmacist and neither do I live in NYC. But one thing I can tell you for sure is that if you would hold on to these ideas and continually picture them as what you want and how you would live, wild horses couldn’t keep you from achieving them.

And do not worry too much about how it will all come together, neither be daunted by any circumstances that may appear to be obstacles in their way. It is enough to know clearly that this is what you want and to hold the picture in mind always. In time, the How MUST present itself in one form or another for you.

You ask “What type of lifestyle will I be able to live?”, perhaps thinking that a pharmacist cannot rise above some limits set by his status and income. This is NOT so at all. The real question you should ask is what lifestyle YOU want for yourself. The truth is that for you (and for anyone who, like you would dare to really want anything) the sky is the limit.

It is totally irrelevant how the best pharmacist on earth today is living his life; what YOU want is what you want. Set it up as your intention and do not be deterred from it by what anyone thinks or says about it.

I will give you one last tip. Refrain henceforth from declaring these your intentions openly to people and discussing it with them. You thereby lay them open for all sorts of useless and distracting comments. Rather nurture them in silence and let people discover them only when they have come to fulfilment. For now, you will do well to let them remain only between you, yourself and thou!

Very best wishes.

Donald asks…

Where in the US should I move to? EVERYONE PLEASE HELP!?

I currently live in rural nevada. I am looking to move before September. I am 19, financially independent and secure. I want to move somewhere in the country where I can be around alot of people I relate to, have a low cost of living, not be in a huge city, and have some sort of college close by (Community or State or Private). I don’t want to move to bumblef**k town with a population of 200 and I want to try to avoid very big cities (LA, NYC, etc…). Right now I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere northern washoe county NV. Any suggestions? I’m trying to find a place where I can find a nice cheap apartment, job, girlfriend (hopefully :D ), and start community college in the fall! I love the whole typical american small town with a population of under 10,000 and the corner store where everyone knows your name! haha. Thanks for your help!

Pic of me:

I will be trying to study business and music (like to start a record label?)

Administrator answers:

San Diego is nice n not ridiculously expensive to live in like Orange County to it’s north. Ummm or try Northern CA, it’s nice is some places there. I’ve heard that Oregon is affordable too.

Joseph asks…

easiest way to ove to miami from nyc?

I’m moving back to Miami from NYC and would like to know whats the easiest way to move my things down there. I’m not moving an entire apartment, just about 8 medium plastic bins of cloths, shoes etc.
I’m also driving my bmw down. It will have additional items in it. uHaul is way to expensive. price range between $500-$1000.that’s for the truck or trailer. does anyone know a cheap shipping company or inexpensive way to get may things to Miami.

Administrator answers:

Box everything up is a secure container and ship them on the bus. It’s the cheapest way. It’s not the fastest but it’s way less money than UPS. If you don’t have furniture to move there is no reason to use Uhaul.

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