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November 13, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Moving to NYC in a couple of years, need help/advice.?

Me and my fiancee will be moving to NYC in the spring/summer of 2012. We’ll both be outta high school by then (we’re both graduating early) and I’m doing one year of junior college at our community college place, and then we hope to move there to continue our education. I want to go to The Cooper Union to major in Architecture and we’re still thinking on where she wants to go to major in either the teaching field or major in being an ER trauma doctor person and our problem is where can we find a REALLY cheap (but nice enough) apartment in Manhattan or Brooklyn (but preferably Manhattan) and still be able to afford to go to college for the both of us? We would really LOVE to live in NYC. I appreciate any help/advice anyone can offer.
lemme specify, really cheap, but nice enough apartments OR row houses FOR RENT?

Administrator answers:

Vince, forget Manhattan. If you looking for affordability, I would recommend going to Park Slope, which is in Brooklyn. There you can get brownstone or a rental that will fit you budget.

Since you’re moving here in a couple of year, I would recommend have some information about how to rent an apartment in NYC. Therefore, I would commend reading up on a little blog titled “How to Rent an apartment in NYC.” That way, you will not get stiff by a landlord who will take advantage of new renters who are not familiar with regulation in the city

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Helen asks…

What should I do? I’m stuck between my Mom and Boyfriend?

Okay so my Mom was in a bad situation in NYC and she was living with her husband who ended up cheating on her while she was across the country at her Dad’s funeral. She had told me her marriage had been having problems for a long time and this was just the icing on the cake. So because I wanted to help her, I offered for her to move in with my boyfriend and I. Well when she got here, things started getting stressful about a month after she arrived. She started accusing me of treating my boyfriend’s family better because “they are educated and have money” as she put it. She also began saying the only reason I wanted her here was for financial reasons because I had asked her if she would help us with part of the bills. Well she ended up going 3 months without working, and when she finally did start a job she would only give us $115 for bills. Now we are at a point again where she is actually refusing to pay and now her and my boyfriend are getting is fights almost daily and I am just way too stressed out. Him and I are both full time college students and we don’t need this kind of stress. We are looking to move into a cheaper apartment, preferably a 1 bedroom, but Mom is still with us. I would hate to kick her out with no place to go, but that is what the boyfriend is telling me we need to do because Mom has stated many times she doesn’t plan on staying with us for very long. Things have just spiraled out of control, and my boyfriend threatened to break up with me last night over it and we have been together for 6 years…Please someone help!
Well the problem is our lease at our apartment we are living in now is up in July so she wouldn’t be able to stay here long…I have a strong feeling she is going to have to move with us to a new place, but I really don’t want to be stuck in this situation anymore. I cannot deal with it and I know my boyfriend can’t either. I know she doesn’t like him so some of the things she is doing I think is on purpose just to put a wedge between us…This is a really hard situation I’m in. Should I just run away? lol! jk

Administrator answers:

This is a very difficult situation! You can’t choose between your boyfriend and your mum. Try talking to your mum gently, so she realises you want to move out. If she’s okay with it, then problem solved. If not, just tell her you can’t live with her forever…

Mark asks…

how should i design my bedroom?

i’m 20 and i just bought my first apartment in NYC, and i need to design my bedroom (my roommate is doing the rest of the apartment). i want to do light blue on the walls, and i have some nice light green furniture, so i want to use those two colors-but what accent color could i use? i hate purple and i don’t want to use pink.

and also, where can i get a cheap comforter or duvet, its for a queen bed.

Administrator answers:

Choices to consider:
darker blues [ royal, navy ]
darker greens [ kelly, olive, emerald, hunter ]
aqua, turquoise, teal
banana or lemon
coral, or terra cotta
gold [ brass ] or silver [ chrome ]
Go on line for a good price on bedding [ lots of sales now! ]
Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Cheap (but nice) Livingroom set??

I’m a college student and I live in the bronx,NYC. I just moved into my own apartment. I’m looking for a cheap but nice livingroom set, does anybody know of any stores????

Administrator answers:

Sometimes you can find good deals in the newspaper or discount stores. Check there……

Nancy asks…

where are some good colleges for…?

I am looking for a college that has these requirements:
In a city (something like Chicago/NYC)

Has a good music program (like concert band or marching band) OR
has a good english department (like creative writing)

*it does NOT have to, but it WOULD be nice to find a place that does student exchange programs for Ireland or France.

A place that either has cheap nice apartments, or nice dorms.

I have been looking for quite some time, and it is hard.

Oh and there is no way on earth I am going to live in Georgetown, otherwise I would be sharing a dorm with my sister, something I would love to avoid.

I am just looking right now, I wanna get some ideas, cause later after I am out of college most likely I will find work within the city so I don’t have to move.
ok it does not have to be nice dorms or whatever. just a place I can live and not be afraid of living in my own home.

Administrator answers:

The College Board (company that makes the SAT and AP tests) has a really good search for this. They let you put in all these criteria and match all the schools in the country that fit them. I love their search tool. You don’t need an account unless you want to save your results but its free and I think its worth it.


I did a quick search on there with all your criteria and I came up with more than 100 schools. Of course there are a lot more criteria you can narrow the search with. Good luck!

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