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November 30, 2012

Donald asks…

how much money do i need saved up to live in NYC?

i wanna move out to NYC, im 18 and i wanna move on my own,
how much money do i need to live in NYC (brooklyn, bronx, queens, whichever borough, i dont care)

anyways i mean for paying a apartment for one person, food for myself and clothes and stuff

will it be cheaper for me to move to bronx, brooklyn, queens, long island than manhattan ?

please help

Administrator answers:

Trust me you don’t want to move to NYC. I live here(was born and raised here) and it is way too expensive. I can’t wait to move. Don’t get me wrong I love NY but, a decent 1 bedroom apartment can go anywhere from (at least) $1200-$2000+, and studio apartments start at about $900+. And then you have to factor in utilities-electric, gas, cable/satellite, phone, renters insurance(very highly suggested-especially in NYC) and that varies from company to company. On top of that finding a good paying job is difficult, the amount you could get paid will most likely not cover your utilities, rent and food expenses. You would have to have a roommate at the least.

But if that is what you want to do-good luck to you.
You would need alot of money saved up.
You can always check out, and

Robert asks…

Discounted apartment prices in an expensive complex?

I am moving to NYC at the end of the summer with my wife and I am trying to find an apartment. I have heard around of apartment complexes selling some of their apartments for a cheaper price than what they offered to other tenants based on salary and some other things. I think it’s the owner trying to diversify demographics. How do you suggest I find a place that does this/have you heard of what I am talking about? I think they like to keep it somewhat low key in fear of a tenant finding out that they paid more than what you did for the same place. Thanks so much!!

Administrator answers:

Those programs are through HUD, contact the Housing Authority to see which, if any, you qualify for. You can not apply before you are a legal resident of NYC. There is a very long waiting list, expect to wait at least 5 years.

Ken asks…

NYC, Brooklyn, Queens rooms for less than 600$/month?

Hey guys!

I want to know which areas in NYC, Brooklyn and Queens are cheap to live in (approximately 1bdrm for 1000$-1200$/month or a room for less than 600$/month) BUT SAFE.
I currently live on Ave U in Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay) and I pay 900$/month for 1 bedroom and the area is very safe. I am going to move out in 2 months so I need to find a room.

Can anyone please let me know which areas are safe and cheap to live in, and with walking distance to a subway stop no more than 15min.

If you could just put:
1. The area you live in.
2. How much you pay for the room/apartment (not if you lived there over 3 years, because the current prices for your apartment would be higher than you pay).
3. Whether neighborhood is safe or not really.
4. And who live in the neighborhood (ethnicities).

Thank you everybody!

Administrator answers:

I grew up in Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach – I can’t BELIEVE you’re paying that much in rent! I am currently paying $622 for a room in a two bedroom apartment on Avenue Z and Bedford, with all utilities and Internet/cable included … You can stay in your area and look around. You have a couple months still, and there will be much more available in the summer months, in comparison to now, at the beginning of the summer.

Brighton Beach is also cheap, as long as you’re not looking for something on the water. The area is similar to Sheepshead Bay – lots of Russians and very safe. Look past Brighton Beach Ave., up Coney Island a little. I lived on Brighton 11th for some time, but I was a girl, so I’m not sure how much my mother was paying – it’s still not expensive, I have some friends living there who are only paying $800 for rooms.

Also, you can look into areas like Midwood and Sunset Park. I was looking in both areas when I moved back to Brooklyn after I graduated, and its not so bad in either area. Midwood is close to Brooklyn College, and as long as you stay on the side of Bedford towards the college, it’s safe – just don’t venture into Flatbush. There are lots of huge houses, Hasidic Jews and large, locked buildings and condos. It’s close to a couple train stops, too. You can find a studio on Ave. J and Ocean Ave. In Midwood for less than $900 a month – a few of my fellow graduate students are living in these buildings for that much. Sunset Park is relatively safe, as well, particularly after 7th Ave. And 59th/58th Streets. A friend is sharing half of a house with two roommates and they each pay $600, everything included.

Go onto, and type these areas in, and the minimum rent you would like to pay – it usually comes up with accurate results. I found my current roommate on craigslist, and we get along great – it’s not always as unsafe as everyone says. Good luck with everything – any questions, you can email me if you’d like, I’m very familiar with Brooklyn in general!

Thomas asks…

Jobs in NYC with an associates degree in business?

I currently live in upstate NY and am just starting school at a local community college. I’m going for an associates in Business Administration, and I think I want to move to NYC (probably Manhattan) when I’m done.

Will I be able to get a job that will support me with only an associates degree and no experience yet? I don’t expect anything great, but will I at least be able to afford an apartment and food etc? I can east cheap and live without TV and all that crap. I do that fine now. So the main thing I’ll be worried about is an apartment and transportation. Most of what I’ve read state that I will be paying about $30,000 annually just for an apartment. I’m only making $18k a year now….. before taxes.

I looked for some jobs in that area on job sites, and most places want not only a degree, but anywhere from 2 – 5 years of experience also. Will I be able to start out in NYC and get experience there, or will I have to work for a couple years up here first?

Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

It is hard out of school and without a set few years of experience but you need to do internships and I have found that employment agencies are a great resource! They have all sorts of options in diff. Industries, diff. Types of jobs, some with less then 1 yr experience, etc. Companies go to that to outsource for employees. You can find a contract type position that could turn into full time or just give you the long term experience for your resume. Here are some employment agencies for New York, good luck!


Lizzie asks…

Help? Moving to NYC to find a subsidized apartment in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn?

I’m going to stay in a hostel in Lower Manhattan to commute back and forth through Brooklyn to look for a subsidized 1 or 2 BR apt, what kind of metro card will i need to commute back and forth through different boroughs? I got SSI and I’m trying to get an apartment in Prospect Heights, should I go to Social Security or NYC Housing Authority to sign up for subsidized housing? where can I find a cheap hostel in brooklyn for perhaps $20- $35 a night? I don’t know much about NYC. How much do I have to save to move to NYC (Brooklyn) and especially hostel, transportation, food so I won’t run out of money, What is cost of living there? Please help.

Administrator answers:

I think the NY Housing is closed to new applications and even if it is open, the waitlist is about 7 years to get a subsidized apartment. You have to reside in the county you want anyway. Bklyn is Kings county. You dont even know what part of Bklyn to stay away from. I suggest you look for a room at the Y and that is more than $20 a night. Look for a hostel website but post a question in Yahoo first about the location to see if it is ok.

I found some websites that might help but if you can find a temporary room from Craigslist in someone’s house, that might be better.

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