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December 4, 2012

Mary asks…

How expensive is it to live in LA?

I’m going to college next year, most likely in LA at FIDM. But i’m just so scared because I know its expensive out there and i’m coming all the way from Indiana. I don’t know anybody out there either. It all just sounds so far fetched and impossible, but if i want to make it in the field its basically either LA or NYC. So, whats the cheapest part of LA that’s not terribly dangerous? Could I get an apartment for less that $1000 or is that just like impossible?

Administrator answers:

Live in the FIDM housing at first, preferably right near the campus (rather than Park LaBrea, unless you don’t mind the commute and like the area), then see if you meet anyone to roommate with, or find a studio apartment to live by yourself. The FIDM apartments are actually good deals for an LA furnished apartment with utilities included, and while downtown LA isn’t the best place to live, the FIDM apartments are nice, and very convenient to FIDM. Look on the FIDM website for info.

It is also very convenient to have an apartment all ready for you, setting up an apartment is a lot if work, first, you’d have to find a landlord willing to rent to someone under 21, with no credit or rental history, no substantial job, and parents across the country. Then you’d have to buy furniture, furnished apartments rent for quite a bit more, even close to double unfurnished, and they’re hard to find in low end buildings, set up utilities and deposits, buy household goods (pots, pans, towels, etc). It’s a lot of work.

The cost for FIDM apartments is $300 a week ($3000 for the 10 week Quarter) for a shared bedroom, $600 for a private bedroom. This will give you time to figure out the best area to live should you decide to move. Low crime areas are a bit far from FIDM, if you don’t have a car, it might be a hassle, since you will likely be working on group projects late night at FIDM, and it’s not a good idea to take public transportation late at night.

You can find a studio in LA starting at $800 (more on the Westside), but you might not like it or the area, you might have to spend $1000 for a studio you’re ok with, or find a roommate and a 2 bedroom, which likely won’t save much on rent. Lower crime areas relatively close to FIDM include Glendale and South Pasadena, but the commute takes 20 minutes, or longer in traffic.

Good luck!

Daniel asks…

My daughter is asked to go to NYC for modeling?

My daughter is 15, very tall, and is a model on the east coast. She works a lot for juniors stores that are national companies. She’s been really successful and makes a good amount of money in her work for such a young person (getting about $800-$2500 a day for very simple, modest work).

This spring break she’s been asked to move to NYC for a week to test their markets for her possible future employment with even larger companies. The lucrative prospect of this is HUGE. She wants to go and live in the “model apartment” with other models. I am not for this at all…there are too many creeps to allow it honestly.

She hasn’t fought me on it because she knows that if she does I won’t drive her to work nor will I allow her to continue. She’s been super about it. My husband thinks she should go to NYC and live there without me (she’s not a city girl at all by the way) and get along with the other models. I disagree completely. But, it will be about $1500 for me to get a hotel room for the week and THAT’S CHEAP!!! All in all it will be about $2200 after meals and subway transportation from Sunday night through Friday.

We’re fighting about it and I am digging in my heels! Advice? Any models know more about these modeling apartments for juniors?

Administrator answers:

She makes $800-$2500 a day, and your quarrel is over a $1500 for a weeks hotel room?

Make a deal. She pays for the hotel room. Easy, she’s a minor, so she should have supervision. If she really wants to go, she can pay for your room.

David asks…

Would you consider this a stupid idea? (sort of long, but please help, I give you 10 pts!)?

Okay so I want to move to Manhattan after university/college and I’m almost sure I will have sufficient funds. If I am runnning a little low, but I can squeak by just by paying off my debts every month for an apartment there with cheap ikea furniture and such, I’m wondering if it is a decent idea.
I sort of only want to do it if I can find a job there. But if I can start off small and work my way up, should I do it?

I really love New York City and people describe me as NYC in human form…its odd, but is it meant to be? I would really like to get into advertising, or maybe even design and theatrical arts (my strong points at the moment…) And I assume what better place than NYC. But I really want to be in advertising…

I will be taking a victory lap after grade 12 so I will have more knowledge and be more qualified to get into a school and get a job. I also may take a bit of time off after that, maybe 3-6 months, or a whole year. Or should I just screw everything and get a condo? But please, tell me if this is a stupid idea or not…I really need to know.
Also I am from Canada and currently live there, if that affects my decision, which it probably does…but I still have like 3 years to think this over…but I would like a little bit of knowledge on this while it is on my mind…thank you in advance :)

Administrator answers:

Not stupid at all. It’s one of the greatest places in the world. You should enjoy NYC while you’re young and have less responsibility. Even if it was a stupid idea, this is when you’re supposed to be making them ;-) I would however, figure out a way to work in the U.S. Legally. Rent aside, it sucks having almost literally no money for anything else but shelter and food. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of things to do for free in New York. But, it does get old not being able to eat at a decent restaurant, hit up bars (YOU MUST GO TO BARCADE!), catch a movie, concerts, etc. Basically, to not constantly worry about money you need a decent amount.
And don’t be discouraged by some of the answers given here for apartment prices. I keep seeing “2000 minimum” for Manhattan. While they are harder to come by, there are plenty of places under 1,000. It will be laughably small, but you’ll get used to it. Places like Greenwich Village, Soho, Tribeca are way overpriced. Just stay away from East/Spanish Harlem.

Michael asks…

Ground floor apartment bathroom with no vent. How do I get water to evaporate properly?

I live in a ground floor apartment in NYC. My bathroom doesn’t have a vent. I notice that any water on the bathroom sink or shower doesn’t evaporate properly, if at all. How do I remedy this? Would a dehumidifier work?

Administrator answers:

Bathroom moisture can be disapated my moving air, first try small fan this would be a cheap fix

Helen asks…

How much does it cost to heat an apartment in NYC?

We’re looking into a 3 bedroom apartment and trying to figure out our price range. The cost of heating is high in the winter time we know, but does anyone have any idea of the average cost for roughly that size? Can anyone out there tell me what you pay?

Administrator answers:

A hell of a lot cheaper then the rent is going to be every month for that 3 bedroom apartment in NYC anyway Good Luck and Take Care

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