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December 15, 2012

Steven asks…

How can I get an affordable room/apartment in NYC for 3 months?

I want to spend two to three months in New York City next year (starting April) and would like to know whether you know where to find accomodation. Since I am German I guess this whole credit check that people have to go through to get a (furnished) apartment could be a bit difficult. I also don’t want to pay tons of money for a real estate agent, when I only intend to stay for such a short period of time.
I already looked at Craigslist, but there are only very short term apartments available.

Administrator answers:

No matter what they are going to want to do a credit check I just don’t know how they’ld do it for some one from another country. Saddly rent in NYC is not cheap. For a crappy 1 bedroom apparment can cost a $1000 USD on up. That’s unfurnished.

Even though the apartments terms may state shorter or longer than you intend to stay you should still call and ask about if they’ll lease to you. Some complexes say 1 year lease cause that’s what they want but they can do short term.

Below are some links to help you out.

Paul asks…

What is the best way to rent an apartment in NYC?

I am about to move to NYC, what are the best ways to go on about getting a good deal on a one bedroom apartment. I am not looking to spend much because I dont have that much may be thinking within a $1000 a month. Any advice would help. Thanks

Administrator answers:

It depends on what neighborhood you are in. There are some Brooklyn area apartments for 2500 for a tiny 1BR. Some areas are cheaper but they are not necessarily ideal. The landlord will request a credit check with 3 years salary history and two months security deposit.. It is frequently expected that your income is 40 times the rent. Do you have any idea what neighborhood you are interested in? Is there anyone you can share a place with? Everything is expensive there. Food, utilities, parking and car insurance, taxis cabs, buses and trains, etc. Rents in NY can be legally raised up to 8% per year (not including rent control which is IMPOSSIBLE to get). You need to start looking on craigslist new york to see what is being offered. Try to find a place near public transportation.

Good luck and don’t forget to purchase a renters insurance policy. Should be about $120/year.

Laura asks…

How much does rent for an apartment in the projects cost each month?

Preferably a small, cheap apartment.

Administrator answers:

$100 in Missipissi
$450 in Florida
$1100 in Washington DC
$1250 in NYC
It all depends upon state and location.

Maria asks…

What are the closest cities to New York, Ny.?

Im planning on moving there and apartments in Nyc are pretty expensive…
So what are some cities that are close like a shot subway ride or whatever away.

Administrator answers:

NYC is a BIG place. The apartments in Manhattan are expensive, but you don’t have to get out of the city for a cheaper place to live. There are plenty of reasonably priced places in the other four boroughs, like Queens, or the Bronx. However, i advise you not to move to Staten Island, It’s harder to get to other parts of the city (you have to take a ferry!). Good luck in finding a great place :D

Betty asks…

What are the good neighborhoods and the bad neighborhoods in Nyc?

im looking at buying an apartment and i know there are wealthier areas and less wealthy areas and places where you just dont go after 10pm so what are the good areas and the bad areas for a straight white male?

Administrator answers:

These are the cheaper and safe places to live in NYC:Queens,where a lot of people,many many young people come here to spend less;Brooklyn,Park Slope is a neighborhood located in the west of Brooklyn, is located between 15th Street and Flatbush Avenue between Prospect Park West and 4th Avenue;
Lower East Side of Manhattan (between Canal Street and Houston Street and between the East River and Bowery);Sunnyside in Queens;Chinatown,Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill e Greenpoint

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