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December 24, 2012

Sandy asks…

How to move in to a New York City apartment?

I currently live in Columbus Ohio (boringsville) but me and my sister would like to move to nyc or any of the sorrounding burroughs like queen or brooklyn. Where could we find a place from 700$ a month to maybe 1500$ a month. If you guys have any websites or leads that would be great.

Administrator answers:

Well, I doubt you will find anything for 700.. Not even in brooklyn, queens, or the bronx. But downtown manhattan has a few studio apartments for about 1500 (prob very small though). A decent apartment in the bronx, queens, or brooklyn would be a lot cheaper (depending on the neighborhood, some might not be as safe as you would like lol)… And with the trains, its very quick and easy to travel through out boroughs. I say go for it, you wont ever find a greater city :) Good luck

Susan asks…

How much should I plan to spend as a monthly budget for living in NYC?

A friend and I are moving to NYC. We know it’s going to be extremely difficult and very expensive.

How much should we plan to make?

How much should we plan to spend as a monthly budge?

How much should we have saved up ahead of time?

Also, any additional tips would be greatly appreciated. Things like what neighborhoods to live in, getting a job in NYC, etc etc.

Administrator answers:

It really depends what job you do to see how much you’ll make, but you’ll make a lot more than in any other part of the country. That said, housing is also the most expensive in the country. In Manhattan, don’t expect to find a studio apartment for any less than about 1400/month. In queens and parts of Brooklyn you’ll get more for you’re money and still be in nice, busy areas. As for good places to live that aren’t too expensive, I’d say Astoria, Sunnyside, Jackson Heights, and Rego Park in Queens, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, DUMBO, and Downtown Brooklyn in Brooklyn. As for Manhattan, anything north of the 90s should be a little cheaper. All of these areas are nice, safe, and have a lot to offer.

Maria asks…

How to find an apartment in NYC?

I am attending college next year and trying to find an apartment in NYC close to 8 east 40th street. I am looking also for a roommate because i will not be able to afford an apartment by myself.. any suggestions to finding one?

Administrator answers:

See if the housing office at your college keeps a list of apt complexes, ads on hand. You should also consider living in a dorm/university housing which sometimes is cheaper than private apartments.

Daniel asks…

How much would a new york apartment cost?

The smallest thing out there. I don’t care if it has fucking roaches or whatever. I need something super small and cheap that isn’t in the ghetto (wherever that is). How much do you think I would have to pay? How much do you think I would have to make to live there? Thanks!
do you think I could get somthing for $500 a month?

Administrator answers:

The median NYC apartment is $650,000.
I own a luxury condo in Midtown and it was $1.7 million.

Good luck on finding something in the city for $500. The typical and median apartment rent for a NYC apartment is $2,000.

The only thing you will get with $500 a month is a 120 square foot apartment in the ghetto of Queens.

Robert asks…

Moving to nyc, have enough money for a cheap apartment. where/how do i start looking?

i know a cheap apartment means poor conditions, but i want to know what areas i should avoid. I moving from japan, so i have no credit history. Will that be a problem? Are there ways around that?

Administrator answers:

I am assuming that you are Japanese -

Try this link for info and possible support

Although this is primarily a Cultural organization, become a member. They have jobs posted at this site and perhaps you can put your question to members of this organization that will ‘know someone’ that can be of assistance to you in your transition here in NYC.

I’ve always felt that new folks coming to this country have the best chance of being successful if they have contacts with folks from their homeland.

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