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April 5, 2013

Ruth asks…

How much money is required to live a comfortable life in USA, New York? I want details about everything.?

I want to know details about: How much does it cost per month to rent a double bed room house? How much does it cost for food per month? How much does it cost for transportation, like taxi and bus, how much US$ for 1 Mile on taxi charged and how much for going from one stop to another on bus?

Administrator answers:

Assuming you mean New York *City* (because some parts of New York State are very different and much cheaper)…

A 2-bedroom apartment is much easier to come by than a 2-bedroom house. If that’s what you mean…between $900 and $4000+, depending on how big the apartment is, how new the building is, whether it’s close to midtown and downtown Manhattan, whether it’s close to subway and/or bus lines, whether the building has a doorman or other amenities…etc.


Food…again, it depends on what and where you eat. In a part of town with a large supermarket, if you carefully shop for bargain groceries and buy produce at weekly farmer’s markets, and never eat out at restaurants, you could probably put together a healthy diet for $150 per person per month. But most New Yorkers spend more than that, some much more.


Bus: On local buses within NYC, it’s $2.25 per ride, regardless of whether you’re going one stop or all the way across town.


Taxi: $2 per mile, plus at least $3 per trip in taxes and fees

Richard asks…

Me and my cousin are 18 and live in Mass but want to move to New York but have no money. How can we do this?

Me and my cousin are both 18 and want to move to New York. We have NO money and we don’t know anyone there. There HAS to be a way for us to get to New York. We want to get a job once we get there but we don’t want to be homeless until we can get a place so what can we do? There has to be some way to do it. Please nothing illegal and serious answers only. Thanks! :)
And also what is the cheapest neighborhood?

Administrator answers:

Here’s how I did it.
1.) I stayed where I was at and saved up money, then used my tax return to make the leap.
2.) I called a pizza shop in manhattan and asked if they were hiring. I admit I got really lucky, and they had me working the day after I moved.
3.) I looked on under apartment shares and posted an ad looking for a room to rent.
4.) I met someone I liked on craigslist, and after lots of emailing back and forth I came to the city for the weekend, met her and viewed the room, and dropped in on the pizza shop to meet the manager who told me I could start as soon as I was settled.
5.) Got everything lined up over the next couple of weeks, and came to NYC. I paid my roommate security deposit, and first months rent, then started working the very next day at the pizza shop.

I’ve been here for 2 years now, and I have a job as a secretary at a construction company in Queens. Good Luck! I’m sure you 2 could find a roommate willing to rent to both of you.

Cheapest neighborhoods are probably in Queens and Brooklyn. As a roommate you guys can look to pay anywhere from 475-700 a month. I paid 650.

Chris asks…

where is a good affordable place to stay in NYC for a week? student budget?

im planning to go for holiday with my friend but we have no idea about NYC and its cheap budget hostels/hotels

Administrator answers:

Look on craigslist. You will find room 125-150 per week. It will be room in some family apartment. Many rooms bad. Many rooms good. Look and find. But no problem. You find nice room 125 per week. 2 blocks to subway, 15 minutes to midtown.

Donna asks…

How much money would it take to move from New York to Noway?

As far as plane tickets? How much is rent in Norway?

Administrator answers:

Immigration/permit info is at the following link, you need a valid reason to be in Norway before you can move here.


Rent depends on the type of housing you want. These prices are for Bergen:
-Collective (private room but all other facilities shared) is 2500-4500 NOK/month ($450-750, considering currency exchange costs).
-Hybel (1-room apartment, sometimes sharing bathrooms/laundry with other people in the building) is 3500-5500 NOK/month ($600-900).
-Small 2-room (1 bedroom) flat is 5500+ NOK, but often closer to 7000 NOK ($900+).
-2 bedroom flat is 8000+ NOK ($1350+).

You can browse flats by city here:

Or place your own ad for free here:

Flight depends on time of year/day of the week. The cheapest one way flight I found in September from NYC to Oslo was $418.


You’ll need the funds to pay up to 3 months on a rent deposit. How much you need in savings depends on whether you’re moving for work, studies or family. If you live in shared housing on a tight budget, ~$1700/month (10000 NOK) would be minimum to cover costs, though the requirement to get a study permit is slightly less than this.

Thomas asks…

Where are the cheap motels around NYC?

I am taking 3 couples (all young adults) to NYC for a couple days, We need a place to stay that wont break the budget. I had thought of staying in Northern NJ or in new york state. Any advice? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The cheapest way to stay in the city is to use the hostels. Some are better and more comfortable than others so do your homework. If you do want an actual hotel, know that even places like Best Western can be around $200 in the city. Look for deals on the hotel’s website if you have a particular hotel in mind or call and ask to speak to the manager to ask about any manager’s specials.

Also, avoid the touristy areas like Times Square. Those will be more expensive than hotels in less touristy parts of Manhattan or another borough.

Your hotel might be a little cheaper, but I would avoid staying in NJ or just out of the city in NY state. When you add in the cost of the added transportation for NJ Transit, Metro North or Long Island Railroad to your hotel, it might equal or come close to a hotel or hostel in the city. Also, not all of those trains run all night so your nights would be cut short. And part of your day could be shot just getting into the city everyday depending upon just how far out you end up. Plus, some of those hotels like to advertise that they are “close to NYC” but in reality are an hour away – more by train.

This is a list of sites that have hostels:

And here’s a list of sites for cheaper hotels:

You might also want to try craigslist for people who are renting out their apartments for weekends that they will be away. Since you would have to find more than one place, this might more of a crapshoot for you, but it might be worth looking into anyway. I’m pretty sure there’s even a website for such a thing, but I really can’t remember what it is, but thought I’d mention in case someone else knows what I’m talking about and give you the name.

Good luck and have fun.

Edit – I found some sites for the possibility of staying in someone’s home instead of a hotel.

I’ve never used any of them, so I can’t vouch for any, but I have it on a list of free/cheap things from some article I found on the web.

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