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April 18, 2013

Richard asks…

Cheapest places to live in New York City?

I need a New Yorkers help! Before you all gang up on me saying how naive I am for thinking I could find anything “cheapin NYC, hear me out. I know that anything I find “cheap” will be in a crappy neighborhood. I don’t plan on moving there tomorrow, I’m looking ahead for the future, perhaps 2 or 3 years. I’m not educated on New York City and I wonder if anyone could help with that. I mean what boroughs are there, which are the best ones to live in (condition wise) YET semi-affordable for a newly graduated college student. I just want an idea. I figured I’d get a New Yorker’s perspective rather than just asking Google. So can anyone help? Just tell me a little about it! Please don’t judge me for asking, like I said I am a little naive on it all, but this is a few years in the future. And I may or may not decided to go there, I just want an idea….Thank you!

Administrator answers:

The Bronx and yes it still has nice safe neighborhoods. The Pelham Bay line #6 train travels up from Manhattan into The Bronx. You can rent an apartment in a building or a large complex or a private home.
You can live near a green acre park (Pelham Bay Park) or near the water (Long Island Sound)
Thing is you would have to use a realtor to find you an apartment. One trick that locals use is a Church Bulletin. Private homes that have rentals the landlords list in the local Catholic Church vacant units thus this ensures the prospective tenants come from the neighborhood.

David asks…

Why are apartments so cheap in pittsburgh, pa?

I am thinking of moving to Pittsburgh, and I was looking at the apartment cost and it is so cheap? Whats the reason/catch?
this isnt just in 1 or 2 spots…almost everywhere i look…its cheap….i have friends there that tell me the bad parts and good…and this isnt just the bad parts
the guy who said there is a lot of inventory and not a lot of people getting them…..
that’s also part of my question…

why are not many people attracted to the city?

Administrator answers:

I think it’s because western pa is still fairly rural, and although pittsburgh is a large city, it grew from the steel mills, which aren’t there any longer.
Pittsburgh is not a bad place to live. We love it. And most pittsburghers are kind and very loyal to their city and to the area of western pa they hail from. You can’t compare it to nyc, boston, miami, la or even philadelphia. It’s still a great place to live, to raise a family, or to start out in.
Good luck.

Daniel asks…

How much is rent in Prague?

Some people say Prague is expensive to live in, but I see apartments for $500 that look bigger than some in New York.
Is that what they really cost?

What is the average accurate cost for 1 and 2 bedrooms?

How safe are the neighborhoods for $500?

How much does the price differ in the city center compared to the outskirts?

Administrator answers:

Compared to NYC it is cheap, compared to the rest of Czech republic it is expensive.
Czech republic is still cheaper than most of West Europe, I guess also than most of the USA, very much cheaper than NYC.

As often the case, the center of town is more expensive than the area around it, although there might be the odd rich enclave in and near the city. Not just housing but also restaurant prices and even supermarket shopping.

If you know that people how have done university earn about $700 to $1000 per month, depending on their experience, you see that $500 for a modest apartment is high.

Prague as a whole is rather safe, the $500 apartments will not be in the cheapest areas but I doubt it is city center.

Nancy asks…

How much would a loft or appartment cost in NYC?

I’m only 16 now… but i’m wanting to move to NYC

how much are loft apartments.. or studio apartments
or any type of apartments for that matter….

Administrator answers:

It is very hard to find a decent size apartment for a relatively cheap price in NY. When I first moved into Manhattan I rented an apartment with a friend of mine. We got the smallest thing we found because it was all we could afford. To make up for the space, we rented a storage unit from It worked out really well. The rental unit was dirt cheap and it made us have a lot more room in our apartment. Good luck with your move.

Steven asks…

hey for some one that lived in N.Y for 30 years what would it be like to move to San diego?

hey for some one that lived in N.Y for 30 years what would it be like to move to San diego? would it be too much of a culture shock? what is the quality of life there? and how does that city rate in the top cities to move to?

Administrator answers:

Many times you will be able to send out xmas cards of you in your bathing suit to your friends freezing in NY.

The cost of living is way cheaper. You can get a one bedroom apartment in SD for half the price of a studio in NY.

Culture in NY is awesome. In SD it’s naturally confined more to Mexican/American influences.
San Diego has better Mexican food than NY. SD’s pizza will be a disappointment.

Watching MNF that is over by 9PM is better than having to stay up until midnight and then go to work the next morning.

In SD there are more outside things to do year round. New York has more indoor attractions.

A culture shock? Not really. I was born in NYC and absolutely love SD. You adapt.

People in SD are nicer and life moves at a slightly slower pace. If NY is 100mph, then SD would be running at 92mph as compared to Buckeye, AZ pace of 65mph.

People will always ask, “Are you from New York?” when you talk. Develop a witty reply and you can have fun with that.

Get a slight tan before beach season so you don’t blind people.

Most of all enjoy the area and welcome!

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