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April 23, 2013

Ruth asks…

Are student housing rooms a lot cheaper then just renting a room privately in nyc?

and what are the chances of finding one compared to student housing?

Administrator answers:

Housing is a big decision to make, and make sure you think it through before committing. There is this great website for finding affordable rooms/apartments:
If you get lucky, you might find a great deal there, but you have to move fast, good apartments/rooms go in one day…
And if you want to study, student housing is not exactly the best place :-)
If you get a room somewhere, you will feel that that’s “your own place” – and trust me, it’s a great feeling.. And doesn’t have to cost you extra money.
If you have any specific questions, feel free to email :)

John asks…

What is the minimum cost of living in NYC per year?

Thinking of moving to the city without a job.

Administrator answers:

I moved here without a job a few years ago, and I spent almost all of the $7,000 I had saved before I got my first paycheck. Moving into a place in New York costs a lot more than it does most places, especially if you want to find a place on your own- you’ll almost certainly have to use a broker, and they’ll charge you 12-15% of the annual rent just for showing you an apartment you found on Craigs List. And that’s before the security deposit and first/last month’s rent.
There are plenty of cheap neighborhoods, but they are cheap for a reason. I stayed in Bushwick, Brooklyn when I first got here, which is supposed to be very “up and coming”. It cost me about $500/month to rent a room in a very sketchy area. I was itching to move away as soon as I got there. I live in a much nicer part of Brooklyn now (Park Slope) and pay about $900 a month with utilities for a small bedroom in a nice apartment. Living expenses vary a lot from neighborhood to neighborhood. My rent now is on the higher end for Brooklyn, but I live in one of the nicest areas outside of Manhattan. To live in a decent neighborhood in Brooklyn or Queens, you should plan on spending at least $700 a month for rent. To live in Manhattan, that will be more like at least $1000. If you’re not picky and don’t mind the sketch factor/long commute in the rougher neighborhoods, you can pay as little as $500.
As for other expenses, that depends a lot on you. If you cook and don’t go out a lot, you’ll find that there are plenty of free fun things to do in this city. But going out in New York is very expensive and difficult to avoid if you have any sort of social life.
Plenty of poor people survive in New York, but I doubt that’s the experience you’d move here to have. To afford to do fun things and live in a fun neighborhood, you’ll want to make at least $40,000 a year- and that’s if you don’t mind living with roommates in Brooklyn or Queens and you know how to cook and stick to a budget. To live in the heart of a trendy neighborhood like the East Village or the Meat Packing District, double that number.
Good luck! New York is a wonderful place to live in spite of the expense.

Donald asks…

What’s the best neighborhood to live in New York?

As a 21 years old single female. I don’t have to be living close to time square. Like 30 minutes driving would be fine. Of course I want a safe place. My budget is no more than 2000 per month. Also, would you suggest renting or buying?

Administrator answers:

I agree with everyone else here. You WON’T be driving anywhere very much – let alone Times Square!!!! You can’t imagine how ridiculous that sounds to a New Yorker.

You might be able to move somewhere where you can walk to work. $2,000 a month should be enough to make that possible, if you are willing to live small. But you can’t walk everywhere. It’s a big city and you don’t want to feel restricted in terms of where you’re able to go.

No, eventually, you’ll buy a metrocard and head out into the subway system, like the rest of us. And you’ll see – there’s no reason for you to have avoided it. The subway is GREAT. It’s fast. It goes almost everywhere. It’s pretty cheap.

When you actually DO move here, you’ll see what we are talking about.

EDIT: Oh, and can I put in my 2 cents about renting vs. Buying?

I bought an apartment about 20 years ago. After 7 or 8 years it gained in value enough for me to buy a house. Not too many people live in houses in NYC. I’m so glad I did what I did. I have tons of space, and space is always at a premium in NYC. And my monthly expenses are less than the cost of renting a one bedroom apartment.

And I didn’t benefit from any kind of housing bubble, either. The value of real estate keeps going up in NYC. The current financial situation didn’t have any effect on it. My house is now worth more than 3 times what I paid for it.

Richard asks…

Can a family of 3 survive living in Brooklyn in a nice area 60K a year?

How much are utilities and food for 3 over there we are relocating from Orlando Florida are monthly expenses are about 2k a month including food mortgage and utilities. We will be renting over there

Administrator answers:

Hmm. Probably. It will depend a lot on what you mean by “nice area,” how well you tolerate living in a tiny space, and how many other lifestyle compromises you’re willing to make.

You can find a decent 2-bedroom apartment for $1400/mo in some safe areas of the borough — such as Midwood or Gravesend. You can find places even cheaper in Canarsie, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and a few other areas, but you should come visit before you commit to living in any of those neighborhoods.
Utilities depend on the size of your space and the setup of the building (oil v. Gas heat, new and well-insulated v. Old and drafty, etc.)
Bear in mind that state/city income taxes are higher than what you’re used to Also, in terms of transportation, you will have to decide between finding really conveniently located housing (where you can get to work, school, grocery store, laundromat without driving) and paying for a car; car insurance is much more expensive here than in other parts of the country, gas is somewhat more expensive, and street parking is difficult in most neighborhoods.

You will qualify for “middle income” subsidized housing…learn more about that at .

Good luck!

Mandy asks…

would i be able to live in Manhattan NY comfortably on a 300,000 dollar salary?

I am a 28 year old single male wanting to live in Manhattan i heard it was one of the best places to live. I don’t plan on having a car just public transportation. i want an apartment i go out for dinner i was just wondering if i could live the good life in this city with a 300,000 dollar salary

Administrator answers:

Sure,you can live there.
But Manhattan is not the best place to live,is very expensive,I live here,in Manhattan.
Now I say you the cheaper and safe places to live in NYC:Queens,where a lot of people,many many young people come here to spend less;Brooklyn,Park Slope is a neighborhood located in the west of Brooklyn, is located between 15th Street and Flatbush Avenue between Prospect Park West and 4th Avenue;
Lower East Side of Manhattan (between Canal Street and Houston Street and between the East River and Bowery);Sunnyside in Queens;Chinatown,Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill e Greenpoint

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