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May 2, 2013

Donald asks…

what is it like to live in new york city?

Does all the hustle and bustle get old and annoying? Would it be best to save alot before I go? Or should I find a job there right off the bat? How does it compare to England?
All-in all what’s it like?

Administrator answers:

Things are going to be cheaper here if you’re coming from London. Thanks to the weak dollar and strong pound, your money will go much further. Instead of 10 pounds for contact lens solutions, it’s only about 10 USD here. I’ve had a lot of colleagues from our UK branch come to NYC and buy as much as they can carry back home because it’s so much cheaper here.

Some differences.

The pubs here don’t close at 11pm, they close at 4am.
The subway runs 24/7.
Taxis don’t cost a fortune to take you 10 blocks.
We don’t have CCTV cameras everywhere although that might change.
Our buildings aren’t limited to 5 floors by law.
We get snow here and it doesn’t bother us.
There isn’t a constant haze over the city.
Our ethnic sections (chinatown, little italty), are 10 times bigger than London’s.

Before doing anything else, if you can afford to take a short vacation here before moving, that would be ideal. It’s a fun city with a lot to do but can be overwhelming if you’ve never been here.

You also need to keep in mind that landlords do not like renting to unemployed people with no money. So if you want to be able to rent an apartment like the rest of us, make sure you either have money saved up or a job lined up here. Landlords generally want to see you make 40x the rent in annual salary and studios in Manhattan are around 1,500 USD / month. The outer boroughs are more forgiving and sometimes you can work out a deal with the landlords directly.

If you’re already thinking about living abroad, I think you’ll have a lot of fun here.

Sharon asks…

How to rent 1 BD apartment in NYC for 3 months only (January – March)?

I am going to NYC for three months (January – March 2007) and need to rent a furnished apartment? How do I go about it?

Administrator answers:

You can try in the sublets & temporary housing category. The prices are generally cheaper than extended stay firms charge, but you will be dealing with individuals rather than companies.

Http:// has fully furnished studios available all over town for as low as $2,500 up to around $5,000 a month. I don’t know if they charge any sort of broker fee on top of that though.

Lisa asks…

Is NYC so expensive to live in because people dont want to own cars?

they want to ride subways instead? Please explain.

Administrator answers:

The main reason NYC is so expensive is housing. In most US cities, when the population grows, they just keep building outward, adding more and more new suburbs. In New York City, there is huge demand to live inside the city itself, but space is limited, and there is very little new construction. So with very high demand and little new supply, the prices of apartments shoot up – people will pay a ton of money even for small apartments.

Another reason is that New York has a much larger than average share of rich people compared to other cities, because of Wall Street and other well-paid corporate jobs, so there is a large population willing and able to pay high prices for apartments, and also for expensive restaurants, stores, etc

The fact that most people don’t own cars helps keep costs down somewhat – no need for car payments, insurance, or gas – subways are much cheaper.

Mandy asks…

What do I need to be prepared for as a student at NYU, as a freshman moving from Chesterfield, Missouri?

My dream school is NYU, and I would love to go, but I just don’t know how well I can live there. I will probably be able to get scholarships to cover the cost, but I am worried about:
?money (do I need to get a job freshman year)
?safety (I realize it sounds stupid, but I’m kind of clueless)
?substances (I don’t do any, and i don’t necessarily plan to.)
Thanks for answering!

Administrator answers:

1. Money [try to get work study], transportation is 2.25 a fare and still rising, cabs are super pricey
2. Supporting parents that wire you money.
3. Lots of snacks, drinks for the dorm room .
4. Technology of course [laptop, cellphone, camera, mp3]
5. Supplies, supplies, supplies. They are so expensive in college stores and NYC in general. Bring as much as you can from your hometown if its cheaper. Better yet tell your parents to fly them over once in w hile.
6. Alot of clothes [which means you'll do less washing because that too is super expensive]
7. Some sort of ID, tax forms, important documents, in a safe locked box [financial aid is a hassel]
8. A credit card if possible
9. Websote: —->find all your textbooks new or used way cheaper than what school bookstores sell them at. Im dead serious.

If you dorm,you need alot of money. If you find an apartment and a roomate to share the rent, less costly.
Try to get a big pell grant, and alot of scholarships [go to, make sure its the scholarship site]
you wont get NY TAP award b/c your not a NY resident, but that could have helped you alot.
NYU is a private school so be prepared to take out alot of loans [not from chase bank though]

Daniel asks…

Should I ship my car or drive or drive it to college?

I live in Memphis,TN and I’m going to college in a while but my dream school are both out of state in New York City and Miami. I want to also know how much it would cost to ship my car and how to get my car shipped?

Administrator answers:

If you are going to go to NYC, do not take the car. A parking spot in NY can cost as much as an apartment in Memphis. In NYC there are cabs and the subway system. The traffic is really bad, and you will find it hard to drive anywhere without spending a lot of time sitting. The drivers are a whole lot more aggressive than you are use to dealing with in your area too.

To Miami, you have the choice of having the car shipped, or driving it yourself. It is about 1000 miles, so you should expect to have to stop overnight on the trip. It is not that bad a drive. If you are going to have the car shipped, you will be looking in the over $500 range. Driving yourself, even with the cost of gas and hotel, will be cheaper.

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