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May 20, 2012

Helen asks…

Small apartments in nyc (no kitchen)?

Does anyone live in tiny apartments in nyc? maybe no kitchen? how much do you pay? is it hard to find these? tiny meaning just enough room for a twin size bed. I want to live in the city but can’t afford the traditional rent. I’m looking for extra tiny apartment for cheap! thanks

Administrator answers:

From 1300 (slumming it) to 3000 or MORE. NYC is very expensive and many place like you describe are at a premium. Good luck

Sharon asks…

How to rent a cheap place in NYC for 1 week safely?

i am planning to have a vacation of 1 week in NYC with one of my girlfriends and a friend suggested to rent an apartment as it may be cheaper than hotels , i have contacted some ppl from craiglist but they asked to send monedy in advance ..any of u knows specific websites or how does the correct procedure is to rent?
Thank u so much

Administrator answers:

There are chinese hotels that charge $40 a night, but you have to find those in a chinese news paper. Your other alternative is hostels

Linda asks…

How can I find a cheap place to live in NYC during my summer break from college?

Okay, so I live in Buffalo, NY and I’m going to New York City for college. I’ll be staying in a dorm during the school year. but I really really don’t want to come back to Buffalo during my summer and winter breaks, since I plan on living in NYC permanently. But I need to figure out how to find places to live during my breaks that are very very cheap, since I’ll be on an extremely tight budget. Now, I do have a cousin that lives in Queens, so I might be able to stay with her, but I don’t know for sure, since I have no idea if she even has enough room for me. So what are some other things I could do? If I got some friends together to be roommates with, would it be possible to find a cheap apartment to rent? Not necessarily in Manhattan, any of the boroughs. If so, how could I find a place cheap enough for a group of poor college kids to afford? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I’d be wiling to bet that your college dorm will have a program of some sort where you can pay some rent to stay there over the summer, too. I’d definitely look into that first, and, if it’s available, definitely take them up on it, because it’s going to be your best deal… By a mile!

That having been said, almost all apartment rentals in NYC are for a year, minimum, so you probably won’t be able to do that.

I’d suggest looking online for a short-term sub-let or a “roommate wanted” situation, ’cause that’s about all you’ll be able to do if it’s just for a summer’s rental.

Good luck, and the links below are to pages all about Manhattan sublets and roommates…

Michael asks…

How can I find a VERY cheap apartment in NYC SOON?

Hi, my name is Henry. I had planned to move to Asheville, North Carolina with my friend and split an apartment. These plans fell through and now I’m looking for an apartment in Brooklyn or Queens (or anywhere else in the five boroughs really) for as close to $500/month as I can find. I don’t know any good websites for this, and I need to move ASAP. Please help me out, I’m scared I’ll have no place to live as my current living situation was only supposed to be temporary.

Administrator answers:

LOL. You will NEVER…and I do mean NEVER find a place (1 bedroom) in Brooklyn/Queens for under $1200 a month. Heck, the taxes on a unit in those areas are more than $500 a month.

Expect to pay at least $1200 a month in a not so nice area…plus electric, heat and water.

Chris asks…

How much is a cheap apartment going to run me in NYC?

I currently live in Seattle but the emerald city has taken a turn for the worst so I’m planning on moving to my favorite city in U.S. whenever I get an apartment lined up. I tried asking people whenever I’m on vacation but their modesty gets in the way and I can’t get a straight answer. I’ve hear they could even be cheaper then in Seattle something like $400 dollars on up to $3,000 a month is what I was getting as answers but im unclear whether that is based on roomates or if they have their own place. Please help and if you have insite into a few please elaborate as 3/4 of my friends live there and so should I.

Administrator answers:

You can probably rent a place out in the area of Astoria, Queens for about $1,100-1,300 which is a 30 minute ride into Manhattan, or rent further uptown for that price.

Normally the further you are away from Mid-Town Manhattan, the rents are much less expensive, however you may want to look at location as far with access to transportation and shopping.

When you are looking for apartments, be careful using craigslist.

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