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May 12, 2012

Chris asks…

how can i go about asking my aunt and uncle to move in with them?

ok i wanna go out to community college in california cuz it would be cheaper for me to transfer to a 4 year school cuz then i would be a resident. I live in jersey right now. My aunt and uncle have a small one bedroom apartment in orange county. I feel like i would be cramping their style if i asked them to move in, i mean im really close to them tho, every summer when i visit i always sleep in the living room on a flotation device but could i do that all year? without annoying them, i jus tdont know, how should i present them with this? i wanted to move out there next fall

Administrator answers:

“Aunt, Uncle……..can i move in with you?”
seems eay enough to me

Mandy asks…

New York, N.Y …Or…Los Angeles, California? ?

So far I’ve learned a lot about L.A. I’ve learned that it is pretty expensive out there like for example rent for an extremely small studio (0-1 bdrm), and a apartment go for about $ 1,0000 and up! I’ve learned the some pretty decent areas to move into for relocates like myself are places like; Orange County: which is cheap, Compton; Which is basically like the hood (bad, but more blown out of proportion when someone describes the living conditions), Long Beach: which is okay, and Baldwin Hills (the Black Beverly Hills)!!! I think you guys who’ve helped on informing me….

I do consider gas prices are pretty high–but I was thinking about buying a car out here in my hometown (Columbus,Ohio) with it being fully paid! I, myself want to start out first in a apartment maybe even a 1 bedroom studio (A few cousins and I have planned that we were going to move together and share the bills. I was thinking that
$ 1,0000 to one person is a lot….but for like four people splitting that plus gas, etc isn’t much!!!

We decided (my cousins and I) to go fly out to L.A and to look around—to get a insight of Cali from our point of view and end up moving out there!! I want to move out there because I want to become a model/singer/actor! In addition, because I feel that Los Angeles has a lot to offer to someone like I! Either that or New York.
As you can see I just love talking about LA!!!!
Sharing a studio with four cousins was just a figurative speech….lol but in a way I willing to do almost anything to follow my dreams out there! Being that if I had to share a studio with 4 ppl I would do it! I way i feel about sharing a studio with will prob. be hecktick but I would try my best to deal with it until that we are idependant and can go our sepearate ways (being that were young)

Administrator answers:

Well obviously NY is out of the question… I think that you need to follow your dreams. If you want to move out there to chase your dreams then do it – but if you are moving out there just to chase the “hollywood” life style, then don’t do it.

I think it is awesome that you have weighed out your options and researched the cost of living as opposed to just jumping in the car and jumping into something that later on you regret b/c you are in so much debt.

I am just a little curious how you and your cousins plan on sharing a studio??? I mean there is no privacy – are you guys all ok with that??

Maria asks…

Buying a condo.?

I don’t care if you’re an expert or not, I just want you guys to give me some feedback base on the info I have down below.

1) I’m single, spend my money conservatively, make $33,000 a year, and I owed $10,000 in student loans that has a 6.5% interest rate. Should I just rent a cheap $900 apartment and focus on paying my student loans. (see #2)
2) Or should I get a loan to buy a $300,000 condo in southern california (orange county) while at the same time paying for my student loans.

So whould you pick #1 or #2 and why.

Administrator answers:

It would depends on how much money you have right now if you have 300k then i would have you rather buy the condo in sourthen cali i mean you make about 33k a year that alot but if u pay 3k months a year for the condo then Go for the 900$ one also the size rooms and bathrooms would help me give you a better answer maybe next time put more detail into your questions if your looking for a nice theres one in southern California KB homes 3k each month 3 storys 2 rooms large living garage enough for 2 cars and small room near the garage very nice also there is 3 bedrooms 1 has a shower and tub

Betty asks…

Want to move out of California..which is better Texas, Arizona or Nevada?

Hello. I am married with 2 small kids, and live in Orange County,California. It is too expensive here, and we are tired of living paycheck to paycheck. We have been thinking about Dallas, Tx and I have been applying over the internet alot, but alas to no avail yet. Me and my wifes family dont want us to move at all, and are telling us if we do move, then we should go to Nevada or Arizona because it is closer for them to see their grandkids. We want to go where the schools are good and the cost of housing is cheap. I do apartment maintenance, so I am pretty sure I can get a job anywhere there are apartments. Any advice would really be helpful. Thanks

Administrator answers:

If you are thinking of Texas I would look at Austin or San Antonio. Both are much better, in my opinion, than Dallas. Dallas is one giant plastic city!
Austin/SA are in the “Hill country” of Texas which is the most scenic part and also the economy/job market is pretty stable. Also the price of housing is reasonable (especially compared to Orange County!)
Arizona is really nice – I would look at Flagstaff or Tuscon – both nice cities. I would avoid Phoenix.
Another possibility is NM – Albuquerque or Las Cruces would be good possibilities.
Good luck – I do know that the grandparents are a very important part of children’s lives so I would try to stay close.

David asks…

car was broken into, should I report it?

I have two cars atm. One is a 98 civic, and it’s been parked behind my apartment in the community parking lot, and i havent driven it in the past 10 days. So today I went to grab something from my car and I noticed my stereo face is missing and it has little dent marks around the frame as in someone tried to yank out the whole thing but they could only get the face off cause it comes off easily. This is an old pioneer cd player face that is def not worth much anymore. They also took my iphone charger that was plugged into my liter. So my question: given that these items are cheap and worth less technically should I still report it? I live in a nice apartment complex in a good area in orange county! so this incident is a bit concerning, but I personally dont care for the items stolen.
I apologize for the poor wording of my question. I’m quite exhausted from a long day at work.

Administrator answers:

You probably should report it. These items may not be worth much money but they may have done significant damage to you car if they broke the stereo frame and broke a window to get into your car. Most insurance companies won’t pay for thefts or damage to a vehicle unless you file a police report.

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