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May 17, 2012

David asks…

Any moms here financially struggling?

Hello moms,

My family is actually doing mediocre considering that we live in the most expansive area to live in the US. Orange County California that is…

We moved twice already to ease our monthly rent. We managed to down size to a one bedroom apartment for 1300 per month. Doesnt get much cheaper than that here where I live.

We are no longer living off 40 dollars a week. We have little bit of wiggle room now that we pay much less rent per month.

But…. it doesnt seem like it ends here. My husbands job has been slowing down once again and the little bit of saving we had is slowing coming down to an end…

As we all know, child isnt cheap. There is days when everything just goes empty.. like diapers, snacks, toilet paper, soap, shampoo and etc. Box of diaper is almost 40 bucks and it last maybe a month. Doesnt sound much when you break it down, but it still damages our monthly budget sometimes to time.

I am in school currently and am not looking for a part time job, Couple factors, are… I’d be left with nothing even if i worked because day care can get very expansive. Second reason is that, I am in school to become a nurse and finding time to study is already hard enough and joggling a part time would probnly end my school all together. My husband and I talked about me going back to full time job, but for the better our future, its important that I stay in school.

I am running out of ideas. I’ve cut down on food and shopping. Ive only bought clothes from Target for my daughter. I would spend maybe about 20 per months for my daughter’s clothes.

I’ve cut down electricity. Air is off all times and I learned how to manage time better so that I have more time to cook my daughter snacks then buy her prepackaged snacks.

I am doing me best to save every penny but every begining of the month, we are some how short. I am usually about 400 dollars short for rent.

Any advice or your own experience and how it worked out?

thank you so much for sharing!
here is the thing… supposedly my husband makes too much money to qualify for any federal aid.. this sucks.. because we are labeled middle class when we are stuck where we were for the longest tiem…
Reason why moving is not an option is, my husband currently makes over 70,000 annually. We are very thankful for his job, especially he started off with no education or special skills. There are a lot of expanses that I failed to mention, but we are paying off my husbands lawsuit and couple more things that just tided us down for another few years….

Administrator answers:

Sure, my fiance got laid off, right at the end of my pregnancy. Figures, but I know things will work out. Im using cloth, so I won’t have to complain about the cost of diapers. Getting a night job if you’re 400 short of rent would probably cover that, or maybe only working 2 days a week.

70,000k a year, is plenty of money to live off of. More than double our income before he was laid off.

Paul asks…

Where is the best place to live near Irvine, CA?

I am a 25 yo single male, and have just accepted a job offer in Irvine, I am moving from Albuquerque, and am looking for a nice and somewhat cheap place to live near Irvine, I know almost nothing about Orange County real estate, Also I am going for my MBA @ USC and would like a place kind if in between that has a decent nightlife, things to do and outdoor activites (mainly golf), I have been told the Long Beach area and Wesminster, the problem is I have no idea what kind of places those are, I would like to get an apartment for a while untill I learn the area and meet people and then maybe a condo, any help or insight would be greatly appreciated

Administrator answers:

Working in Irvine and going to school at USC is going to be difficult. The two are about an hour drive apart with no traffic, and significantly longer during commute hours. Long Beach is about half way, but still a significant distance from both of them.

Maria asks…

ok how should i go about asking my aunt and uncle to move in with them?

i currently live in new jersey. I have realtives out in orange county,california. I go to school in community college out here in jersey but i wanna transfer to go to community college out there. It would be cheaper for me becuase then i would be a resident. Thing is my aunt and uncle only have a one bedroom apartment, with one closet just for them and a small living room area. I dont see any other way of getting out there this point for and go to school for cheap.Im really close to both of them, when i visit every year i always sleep on a flotation device in the living room, but if i were to live there i would have to sleep on that thing all year, which isnt bad but i feel like i would be cramping their style or be selfish, i just dont know im stuck

Administrator answers:

Dear aunt and uncle

Can i move in

Sandy asks…

what school is better for fashion buying?? FIT or FIDM?

im a Junior in hs in NJ.want to become a fashion buyer and maybe own my own boutique.being that nj is close to ny i looked at fit.also its a bit cheaper than fidm.but the housing is costly and also would be of campus.for fidm id have to move and apartments are affordable. but id be paying 55,000 at fit and 108,000 for all 4 years at fidm.but with internships and things like that and with the major which is a better school? p.s i was looking at the orange county campus at fidm or would the la campus be better? thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

The fashion merchandising program at FIT is probably the best in the world. More than in most fields, in fashion the college where the degree is earned is very important for starting a career, particularly on account of internship possibilities. If you are certain that you want to attempt to make a career in this very difficult and competitive field from which most people leave in the first five years of working in it, do everything reasonably possible to go to FIT.

Robert asks…

How can i go about moving to california? NEED ADVICE!?

Ok im 20 years old and i currently go to community college in jersey where im from.But i have always wanted to go to california to finish my education and to live. I have 2 relatives out there in orange county.My aunt and uncle, thing is they have small one bedroom apartment just for them since they have no kids or anything. They say its alot easier and cheaper to be a resident of cali and transfer from a community college out there. The problem is, i dont think i wil be able to live with them, for the shear fact that it would be too cramped with the 3 of us in that one bedroom. What could i do, besides them i would have no one else out there. Im stuck, dont know what to do, i think if i asked she would think about it, but in reality we both know that its too small for another person.

Administrator answers:

Talk to your aunt and uncle re finding you a room mate situation, possibly in the building where they rent. Or nearby. They might know of a young couple with a child or two who would welcome you as a live in baby sitter and help with the light housekeeping while you go to school.
Maybe if you place an ad like that on Craig’s list you might also find the right kind of a connection. Of course, if you do, you’ll have to check them out thoroughly before you commit to an arrangement.
And finally, you can contact the college you plan to attend and speak to someone there about housing in exchange for work from you. Maybe that will work.

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