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November 29, 2012

Richard asks…

Cheap furnished apartment to rent in amsterdam for 3 months?

Not 100% sure on the date, but was planning on backpacking through europe starting and ending in amsterdam. Would be nice to have an apartment in the place i’m going to be the most.

Administrator answers:

Sorry to tell you but that will be practically impossible. Leases are usually for at least a year and not cheap at all. Even when you live here in Amsterdam and want to move, leaving another house behind, it’s very difficult to find a new one. You have to be subscribed at a housing corporation for many years.
The best you can do with a small budget is to stay in a hostel.

Good luck anyway and enjoy your stay in Amsterdam.

Carol asks…

where to find sheridan and irving park apartments for rent?

looking for cheap apartments in that area for me and my son.
2 bedrm,1 bath,living room and dining room..nice location

Administrator answers:

If this is in Chicago, then try or the Chicago Reader. You can search by neighborhood or zip code.

Jenny asks…

I’m going to NY on April. Where can I rent a cheap flat?

Guys !! I need your help, I’m going to NY and I have never been there, so I dont know where I can rent a cheap apartment to stay for a month!! Any ideas??

Administrator answers:

Most apartments are not able to be rented for only a month, usually you have to sign a one-year lease.

If you are looking to rent a vacation property, you can. I would look into long-term hotels because they offer better amenities, services, concierge, and housekeeping.

If you want a lower price, you’ll have to sacrifice location. Apartments in the outer boroughs or New Jersey will be cheaper, but expect a lengthy ride on crowded public transit.

Laura asks…

What are some times within driving distance of Ann Arbor? Looking for cheaper rent than Ann Arbor apartments?

I know Ypsilanti is cheaper but I have only heard bad things about it. What else? Somewhere safer, with affordable rent.

Administrator answers:

Novi-20 minutes
Brighton-20 minutes

Try the west side of Ypsi (around Huron River Drive) and Pittsfield Township.

Susan asks…

Cheap apartment for 4 – 5 months in Stavanger, Norway?

I may get a temp job in Stavanger, Norway in November for about 5 months. Could you please suggest me a website where to look for cheap apartments for rent? I would prefer one in a safe area (how is it in Stavanger in general?), private one (not to share a room with someone else; sharing a kitchen or bathroom may be OK) but may be very small. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Try this forum (link below) for all your answers about Norway.

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