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December 7, 2012

James asks…

Where is the most English speaking part of Italy that is reasonably cheap to rent an apartment?

I want to go to Italy to live and work for an unknown about of time, long term preferably but I am unsure on which are the best places to go, I don’t care for the tourist parts of Italy such as Milan, more the cheap and hopefully English speaking parts. Please help me with some suggestions. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Hi ! I’m from Italy, Milano . I live there for work but isn’t very very beautiful. There’s only Duomo and work. The people in Milan or in Lodi or in Pavia (places near milano) is usually impolite (scortese).

I prefer Napoli beautiful!!!!!!!!!! , here the people is kind, funny, you can see people play mandolino, sing… Beautiful. Food is really good!! Example. (Frolle, Pane, Spaghetti, PIZZA) You should visit this city….. Here is the Fashion, really not in Milan!

There’s no Mafia or Camorra !!

Sicily (for the food),
Bologna (you can eat Lasagne!).
Como (beautiful)

George asks…

How much work does a resident manager of an apartment building do?

I am currently a senior in college and am thinking about applying as a resident manager of an apartment building to get cheaper rent.

How much work does it entail though? I’m taking a full course load and I have a few extracurriculars….should I apply or not?

Administrator answers:

You will be on call all the time. You will have to deal with complaints and send the maintenance men to deal with issues. If there is a police disturbance, you will have to be there. If there is a plumbing issue your life will be a nightmare. You may have cheaper rent, but you will loose your life.

Ruth asks…

I want to open a club in Berlin and need a 5 roomed shop or apartment at the cheapest possible rent?

This club is to be run as a charity so cheap rent is vital!

Administrator answers:

What on earth makes you think that Yahoo Answers is the best place to look. Try a local estate agent.

Sandy asks…

What is considered as cheap rent in Hamburg?

This is specifically for apartments. I hear that living in Hamburg is expensive but there has to be some places where regular joes or janes can afford to live.

So what is the cheapest rent and where in Hamburg are these affordable apartments?

Administrator answers:

There are several options either search a shared flat ( WG in German ) this will be a lot cheaper than renting an apartment on your own and a lot of young people do that.
If sharing a flat is no option for you either search in a not so good district of the city or search in places which you can easily reach by public transport but be aware of the cost of the transport if you chose this option.

I add you a link for searching a WG and another for searching apartments.

With a bit of luck and enough time for the search you can find a good deal too but you will need to be patient and search very intensive like regularly reading the adds in the Newspapers etc.

Donna asks…

I’m a single mother. Moving to Harrisonburg VA in a few months Im looking for a apartment and daycare center?

I’m a single mother soon to move to Harrisonburg VA. I wanted to know if they are any daycare centers for a 3 year old and a cheap rent apartment for rent.

Administrator answers:

Since your online, you can also check out city guides or online directories to see if there are daycare centers and apartments near each other in Harrisonburg.

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