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March 5, 2012

Nancy asks…

which site can get cheap apartments for rent in massachussets?

looking for a single room,studio or sharing rooms btwn others with a price not higher that 500$

Administrator answers:

I think if you’re looking for something that cheap you might be better off looking for something in Providence or maybe South Attleborro.

Linda asks…

where can i find a website that shows cheap rent for florida and new york?

im looking for a website where i can find really cheap apartments or houses for rent the most i can pay is up to 600 im looking in new york or florida

thanks need to move soon

Administrator answers:

Try or rent .com but since I have moved from there several years ago rent has become very expensive in Florida, I dont know about NY… Good Luck

Chris asks…

cheap apartments for rent in pasay , philippines , any good websites to look at to find these ? ?

trying to help my girlfriend find a new apartment , would be niceto find one that she doesnt have to share but doesnt cost stupid amounts of money . any idea on were to find in pasay . im in england so i only have the internet to look at .

Administrator answers:

I am not from that area, but what I may suggest is checking the local papers in that area, or call a local Real Estate office in the area, they sometimes have their own rentals available.

Here is also some websites that I have heard are helpful.

Either way, good luck to you!

Lizzie asks…

Anyone know about the cheap apartment rent in fifth avenue NY?

if possible the location is near Parsons the new school of design which is in fifth avenue. The apartment shall provide air con, and if possible internet connection and the bed room for one person only. and how much usually it cost for a month rent only during summer 2011?

Administrator answers:

Have a look at these guys in the source. I’ve booked apartments through them before and I’ve been very satisfied.

Mark asks…

Is there any cheap-apartment rent in Atlanta, GA?

I am looking to rent an apartment in Atlanta vicinity,
1 bdrm for less then $375/month?
Is that reasonable, can I find an apartment that cheap?

Administrator answers:

You probably can but it wont be nice if it is in the city. Your best bet would be to find a roomate or two. Or to find a room for rent. The further away from Atlanta, the cheaper you can find. Try looking into the east side of town, like Decatur, Stone mountain, Dekalb area.

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