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December 23, 2012

Donna asks…

Is it cheaper to rent a mobile home or apartment or buy a foreclosure?

If one wants to save the most money possible, would it be cheaper to rent out a mobile home, apartment, or to buy a foreclosure? Which one is the CHEAPEST and will save me MONEY?
Hi Bill, lol, thanks you mentioned that. :) Thought I’d reword my question. Townhomes are usually expensive.

Administrator answers:

I think it is cheaper to buy a foreclosure. You can buy foreclosures really cheap now. Your payment will be about the same for rent. Another benefit of buying a foreclosure would be the tax write off.

James asks…

Are there apartments to rent in Butuan for a month instead of staying at a hotel?

I will be in Butuan for about 20 days. Would it be cheaper to rent a furnished apartment than to stay in a hotel? If so how would I go about finding a furnished apartment in the city?

Administrator answers:

There are very strict rules & standards that have to be met to enter & visit Bhutan, you cannot travel & stay any where you wish. You must make arrangements thru the Bhutan Tourisn/Travel Agency. Upon entry to the country you must provide a sum equal to $200.00 per day,in turn this will provide you lodging,most meals,& guide. Average tourists are kept in reins of the guides from the Govt. The Butanese are a most gentle,kind & show respect to the visitors,but this country remains dedicated to their GNP which is the Happiness of their people. They do not want to be exploited & are solicitous of latest technology.using only that ,that will be of use. Many of the Bhutanese that travel to U.S. Or other countries for advanced studies, return to Bhutan,for them it is truely their Shangrila. Less than 2500 visas are given each year ,so you must apply. You cannot show up at the bordeer & expect to be let in.

Steven asks…

Best places to rent a house in Bay Area?

Hi all, I just got married and my wife dosent work so I need to move to an area thats safer, quite and rent for a 1bdr apartment cheap. Can anybody advise me something. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Hmm, how does your wife feel about being a live-in housekeeper, nanny, or assistant? Because seriously, the Bay Area is hugely expensive, but that means that lots of rich people live there–rich people who need help. Maybe you two can get a gig, room and board included, with some rich family. Do a Google search for “domestic assitance” to find agencies that might help you. I personally have a friend who was hired as a cook/nanny for some New Age rich couple, and she had ZERO experience (but she is clearly a very good person). They even had to teach her how to COOK, and still they kept her on, in a very swank two-flat in Nob Hill.

Mary asks…

What is it like to live and work in Windsor Ontario for a family.?

In terms of jobs in general, crime rate and people in general.
Also why Windsor apartments are so cheap to rent as compared to other places of same size.

Administrator answers:

The Windsor-Essex Region fosters a lifestyle of friendship and harmony, personal enrichment and professional excellence.

Our southern Ontario location, bordered by Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, and the Detroit River, produces a temperate climate ideal for year-round recreational activities and a pleasant lifestyle. With only 212 people per square mile you can choose the city life, the suburbs, or a quaint country town, and relax on a short commute between the office and home. Enjoy safe, secure communities, a high standard of living and a Region focused on leading healthcare specialists and facilities. The area is overflowing with cultural events, festivals, world-renowned entertainment and thanks to our Detroit neighbours, major league sports action.

The Windsor-Essex region has numerous distinct competitive advantages that can be leveraged to attract, retain, and grow both the industries and the talent needed to drive the regional economy forward including:
*One of the highest concentrations of engineering professionals in Canada, and the largest machine, tool, die and mould (MTDM) cluster in North America. According to the recent KPMG Competitive Alternatives report, Windsor-Essex scores very well on an operating cost basis compared to similar urban centres in a number of important sectors including automotive, aerospace, medical device manufacturing, IT and back-office operations.
*Strong and vibrant post-secondary educational institutions in the University of Windsor and St. Clair College. They have been very successful in attracting in-ternational talent to the region and function as catalysts for advanced research and development activities.
* Having a quality of life that is among the best in Canada. The climate is one of the most temperate in the country. The overall cost of living, driven by affordable housing costs, is very competitive compared to other Ontario communities.

Crime rates, particularly violent crime, are well below most other urban centres in Canada and residents of Windsor-Essex have the benefit of a large urban area and all of its amenities at their door-step. In 2010, Windsor ended the year with no murders.

The Windsor-Essex Region has some of the most stable and affordable housing of any region its size in Ontario. The market has something to offer to both buyers and sellers alike. Ongoing low interest rates continue to persuade first time buyers to enter the market. The average Windsor-Essex home can be purchased at less than half of the price of an average home in nearby Toronto. Windsor also has the lowest median cost of housing when compared to other North American urban centres.

Paul asks…

How to get out of your apartment contract?

My friend and I are in an apartment that we kind of rushed into in an effort to get out of our parents’ houses. We are six months into our 12 month lease, but we have very noisy neighbors, our rent is outrageous, and we are going broke just trying to pay for the rent, we have found another place with much cheaper rent, more square footage and is in an area much more suitable for our lifestyle. We are trying to figure out the best, and cheapest, way to get out of the contract. Any help would be wonderful.

Administrator answers:

You talk to the landlord and explain about the neighbors
Work out an agreement where if someone else moves in, you can be let off the hook for the rest of the lease payments.
You may lose your deposit, and have to pay for advertising and cleaning of carpet
Last thing you want to do is walk away – the landlord will sue you, and it will destroy your credit

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