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March 27, 2013

Carol asks…

What steps would a person need to take to move to England?

I would have to work as a Nurses aide and rent a cheap apartment. But I need to know the steps involved for a Ameican Immigrating there. I have always wanted to live in Europe for a few years. A dream of mine.

Administrator answers:

It is almost impossible for an American to live and work in the UK or any other European Union country temporarily or to immigrate there permanently. All citizens of all E.U. Country may live and work in any E.U. Country without a visa. Americans must have a visa…putting them at a great disadvantage Also, you must find an employer to hire you and sponsor your work visa…and that is not easy with a low skilled job. I would encourage you to go back to scholl and get your R.N. You will have a far better career, and maybe be able to also work overseas in the future. You can explore the reuirements at the site below…remember, as an American, tou must have visa to work in the UK.

Donna asks…

How much does average apartment rent cost in Houston or Pearland?

I’m 18yrs old, and a college freshman. I want to move out my parents house. I’m gonna get job so I can save up some money, and hopefully move out. I want a place that’s cheap, but is not a dump. Help plz
I mean in Pearland, TX or Houston, TX

Administrator answers:

Pearland is nice place but it will good amount of commute to anywhere in Houston because is its in South. But it is not bad so you need to look in that perspective too. Rent ranges from $500 – $800 for single bedroom depending on the apartment complex But you should be able to find closer to that price range. You can even share with bachelors and save money too.

Joseph asks…

why is it so hard to find an apartment for rent?

I need to move out by Feb. 1st 2007, I need a three bedroom apartment and I can only aford to pay 1200-1400 a month no more than that and I can’t pay a broker so I need one without a brokers fee. Can someone HELP.

Administrator answers:

You won’t find a 3 bedroom apartment for that cheap.

Maria asks…

How much would a small flat or apartment be to rent in London?

I’m looking into moving to London for collage and I was wondering, just generally, how much a cheap apartment would be (not like in a really rough neighborhood, i don’t want to be murdered haha)

Administrator answers:

The cheapest decent apartment would be about £250 per week! If you are American, just understand that Brits ONLY rent by the week. It also depends on how many people you have with you. This is usually only enough to cover a 2 person apartment with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. In American dollars, that is about $1600 a month.

John asks…

How much would an apartment cost to rent?

I’m hoping to go to college in Savannah, Georgia and I’d like to stay in an apartment instead of a dorm because I’m introverted and can’t imagine life without pets. I was wondering how much it’d cost. I don’t care about the view; I’d like a small apartment that’s moderately nice.
How does being introverted and want pets make me mentally ill? I’m not a social butterfly, so that means I have mental problems?

Administrator answers:

I’m a student living in Savannah, GA. I live downtown and I’ve lived in 3 different houses so far. Including utlities, you end up paying between $500 and $700 a month. You can find cheaper places if you go closer to the projects, but it’s a little scary.

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