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March 28, 2013

Ruth asks…

Is it cheaper to rent an apartment or to live in dorms at college?

I’m having financial troubles right now, and I have no job, and my parents are going through it as well. I’m going to college this fall, and wondering if its just cheaper to get an apartment or stay in the dorms?

Administrator answers:

A dorm is usually much cheaper with all factors taken into account. Even a cheap apartment costs about 500$ a month, thats not to mention you usually have to pay for internet, TV, sometimes heating and air, gas to the college and food. In a dorm room they usually provide free internet, often free cable, free heating/air conditioning and meal plans are usually included.

I find that a dorm room is much cheaper with the extra expenses added on.

Richard asks…

If you have a 2-bedroom apartment, do you parents sleep on a wallbed in the living room?

My parents are going to rent a 2-bedroom apartment, not a 3-bedroom apartment because it’s more cheaper, and, if they rent a 2-bedroom, they would both sleep on a wallbed in the living room. Do your parents sleep on a wallbed in the living room of their 2-bedroom apartment?

Administrator answers:

Nope. But it seems nice of them to take the open, exposed living room so someone else can have the other two bedrooms.

Nancy asks…

what’s the cheapest rent I could expect to pay for an LA apartment?

My best friend and I are moving to LA after we graduate. WE KNOW it’s not going to be fun at first and we will put up with crappy apartments! We care more about location than quality, so whats the lowest we could pay for a small 1 or 2 bdrm apartment in LA :)

Administrator answers:


Ken asks…

What are some clauses that cause people to get lower rent?

A friend of mine just move into the apartments I’ve been saving up for.she only pays half of what I will have to pay and got a lower deposit than I’m expecting.we are both 18 and she got a better deal because of some legal technicality involving her having a 1yr/old child(I’m a bit fuzzy on the details).

Although I think its extremely unfair to reward her in such a way for her irresponsibility,it did make me wonder what other clauses help people get cheaper rent.?

Administrator answers:

She is getting section 8, and the government is paying it for her.

Betty asks…

is renting a room in someones house uncomfortable?

I am trying to decide on getting my own place. It looks like some offer rooms in their house as the cheapest rent. I realize owning a house is the most comfortable but I am not ready to buy. Is having an apartment more comfortable living than to start with a room in somebody’s house? If I can afford an apartment will it be a better choice for me than to get a room to rent in someones house?

Administrator answers:

Yes it does in many way.. You can’t use the bath room as you like.. Someones always in your face, you can’t cook when you want to.. You’ll have to take turns cleaning the house, the part that you will be using.. Let me put it this way it’s not a fun place to be..

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